Yimei, together with Tai Lai County Women’s Federation and e-commerce office, held a learning meeting of theory central group

2022-08-06 0 By

March 31, have mattel to operations center (yi mei platform) tai county women’s federation, the electric exploding and RongCheng liquor brewing co., LTD., and so on more than 10 ty to consortium of outstanding enterprises, carry out “live in the country – the revitalization of the rural economy development” research study activity, and theory study group meeting and about how to use live power enterprise product sales conferences.During the meeting, discussion and study were conducted on further improving the quality of work based on the actual situation of women’s federation and e-commerce office.By learning all agree that in the future work, we will firm the confidence, build consensus, cheer up, rushed, with live electrical business as the core, the enterprise to drive each other methods such as continuous build perfect county electric business chain, to drive more women entrepreneurship and get rich together, make positive contributions to our county’s economic and social quality development.Heilongjiang Yimei Tai to operation center Qi Lianxi said: the county women’s Federation and rongcheng Wine held the theory of the central group learning, let us deeply feel the county in the face of our online broadcast industry support and some of the focus of resources, to push our platform to the hands of the people, to the whole country.We also hope that such opportunities and activities can be sustained. Through our online and offline channels, we can integrate our live streaming platforms and push them to the people, consumers and people’s lives.Prior to the meeting, have mattel to operations center together always, county women’s federation, the electric exploding also organize travel activities, to visit the heilongjiang RongCheng liquor brewing co., LTD., to understand the corporate culture, raw material storage, the successful experience of enterprise management and advanced practice, further emancipate the mind, open horizon, immersive feeling of the excellent enterprise strong execution, commodity.At the same time, the person in charge of Rongcheng Wine industry also said that they are willing to choose e-commerce platforms like Yimei platform for cooperation, and promote rongcheng wine products to the public through the live broadcast and short video segments of Yimei platform.Mr. Qi extended a warm welcome to rong Cheng Wine.