The 80-year-old man fell down accidentally and the police helped him in time

2022-08-06 0 By

People need something, I do something!The 80-year-old man accidentally fell down, the police received a call for help, immediately responded to the police to rescue, was praised by the masses.At 16:00 on February 9th, a kind people to luoping County public Security Bureau Banqiao police station telephone for help, in banqiao town Jinji peak concourse parking lot, there is an old man fell to the ground injured, head bleeding.Received a call for help, Banqiao police station police quickly to the scene.Arriving at the scene, I saw an old man sitting on the ground with blood on his face.The police came forward to wipe the old man with paper towels, asked the old man’s injuries, patiently pacify and stabilize the old man’s emotions, and contacted the old man’s family members.After learning, the old man surnamed Chen, 86 years old, lives in Banqiao town Jinji village Committee Small shop village, due to wandering, accidentally fell down while walking, face contusions, but no serious injury.Soon, the old man’s family arrived at the scene.The police asked the old man’s family, take the old man to the hospital to check, take good care of the old man, to prevent similar incidents from happening again.Police tips, the elderly in the home or mobility inconvenience, must be accompanied by family members, to prevent accidents.