State Grid Zhangye Power Supply Company: “benchmarking” power supply service beautiful village construction years ago

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The twelfth lunar month, the rural New Year flavor gradually thick, kill chicken, kill sheep, fried fruit oil, good a lively scene!There is such a group of people, they walk the village string lane, into the enterprise, into the greenhouse, check the line, deal with the fault, propaganda safety electricity, can be described as a beautiful scenery before the festival.”Thank you for your concern, the implementation of the preliminary project for my company to save a large amount of investment, the winter can also advance construction, in the beginning of the plant three months before the completion of all the projects, we are more confident to drive the economic development of the township.January 29, state grid Zhangye power supply company Luocheng power supply area manager Wang Dahu, Ma Xiao they again walked into gansu Forward Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. line inspection, the person in charge liu Sheng said.As the Spring Festival approaching, in the salt pond 40 kilometers away from the company once luo village industrial park, founded “light is intimate friends the bridge station” service point, by the specialist for each big enterprise and shuangfeng village electricity equipment to carry out the crates and infrared temperature measurement, industrial park for from enterprises and power substation 80 km shuangfeng village to carry out the first electricity service work.Gansu Qianjin Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. is an enterprise with good operation and development in Gaotai County. With continuous financing and production expansion, the enterprise invested in the construction of 6000 intelligent dairy farm project covering an area of 693 mu of land in the Gobi Desert of Yanzhibao Village, and planned to increase the load of about 3000 kilowatts.The company takes the initiative to follow up key industrial projects in the county, fully implement the company’s plans to optimize the electric power business environment, and strive to create an electric power business environment with high efficiency, high quality service and high quality power supply, to support the sound development of enterprises and subsequent stable production.The company takes “difference” planning as an opportunity, continues to consolidate power grid foundation, dedicated to rural revitalization of the work, carry out the whole village to promote power grid construction, construction project with power switch as the breakthrough point, to strengthen distribution circuit connection and breaking, full scope of the maintenance and fault caused by the power cut cut, actively implement with the energy-efficiency projects, changeableTo provide a good guarantee for local residents and agricultural production electricity.Based on the principle of energy, time and money for the enterprise, reserve in advance planning industry expansion project, the project issued, since December 2021, in conjunction with the construction team to overcome the near – 20 ℃ cold weather, completion settlement, communication and coordination of the cultivated land construction work and construction such as desert, gobi difficult terrain of 78 base tower group.The twelfth month, in the prophase of the Spring Festival walk in the country, into the enterprise safety inspection work, the company once luo area manager has been stationed in da-hu wang, Ma Xiao “light is intimate friends the bridge station” service sites, for companies and shuangfeng village electricity equipment to carry out the crates and infrared temperature measurement work, check out the two electricity companies box-type transformer are safe hidden trouble,Good guarantee enterprise safety and stable production.It is understood that the company around the party construction of “+” each business promotion project implementation, to the communist party member service as a daily service users, the vanguard of the continuity and innovation through the execution of work of party branch secretaries, secretary to take the lead to implement equipment of hidden defects elimination, leading the service users, secretaries stresses the power grid project construction, the whole team’s cohesion, combat effectiveness greatly strengthened.Through the adviser to head person as the guidance, let the young worker to return an experienced word, for young people to build a good platform to learn, grow, through the “five small” (small canteen, dormitory, small bathroom, small vegetable garden, a little book Angle) continuous construction, make once a warm home, teams can unite as one full of combat effectiveness,Its Luocheng power supply won the provincial company “standard and excellence advanced power supply” honorary title.Next, its alkaline saline power supply protection, power supply company will be combined with the Spring Festival for short, grasp key, overall arrangement, progressive ideas continue to carry out the standard merit, elevate the core index as the foundation of work, give full play to the power substation, benchmarking to continue into the rural power grid construction, continue to work for rural revitalization.(Li Fazhao lei Yujuan)