Strong push!Tea in the tea gas male main article series, “marriage order”, “gallantly seek”, “love” praise

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Green Tea male series:2. “Please attack the Essence of green Tea” by Shifanghai (the last one vs the first one of grade, system, strategy, master moves, green tea counter-set,Campus sweet spoil text) 3. “I was green tea male two counter set” author: Tang Hua touch clothes (soft waxy sweet school sister vs gentle scheming senior, step by step, deliberately on the top, cheating and playing with women’s feelings of the man frustrated) 4. “Marriage order” author: Er Dongji (sa and beautiful bandits vs green tea Beijing gentleman, love after marriage,Ancient cookies) 5. “after I die they are demonic” author: on the safety evening floor (free and easy just tying vs green tea all small disciple, tying rebirth, revenge, abuse of slag full crematorium) 6. “good unintelligent” author: teil Lin Xizi (for life more respected leng yan outstanding students play female forensic vs love extreme sports is good and new green tea small German shepherd, male after female, joy,City sweet pet text) 7. “Xianfu practice Manual” author: Feng Jiu ‘an (control to the full genius forensic female vs visual rock system green tea year male protagonist, female pet male, abuse male protagonist) 8. “Plot love” author: Lu Willing (clever female vs green tea male protagonist, female flirtation male, male routine female,9. “I finally saved their brains” author: zombie (cannon ash sister vs green tea big guy, wearing books, female with counterattack, xixia Xiuzhen text, laughing sand carving wind) welcome attention every day for you to recommend the best quality novel attention, no longer book shortage