Snapdragon 870+144Hz, the second flagship phone 1699 can buy, closed eyes really do not lose

2022-08-05 0 By

Many people buy mobile phones to see the cost performance, would rather pick a few hours, also do not want to spend hundreds of dollars.Today, WE have brought you such a cost-effective mobile phone. The snapdragon 870+144Hz screen can be purchased with only 1699 yuan. Such a sub-flagship mobile phone is really not a loss when you close your eyes.The iQOO Neo5 Vitality edition is really conscience enough, equipped with snapdragon 870 processor comparable to Snapdragon 888. Compared with Snapdragon 888,870, snapdragon 870 has more stable performance and better temperature control, and has become the first choice of many people.On the Internet side, it offers Wi-Fi6, dual Wi-Fi connections and a Maxwell Antenna system for a fast and stable Internet experience.The 144Hz screen provides extremely smooth and silky screen performance, coupled with high frame rate games, and the overall experience is excellent.4500mAh battery with 44W fast charge, can be 70% full in 33 minutes, quick blood return in a short time, battery life anxiety is not so terrible.Sound quality with two Super linear speakers, and Super Audio 2.0 sound algorithm support, listening more immersive.In terms of camera, the three-shot design of 4800 pixels adds a lot of security for shooting, and it has super night view 4.0, intelligent motion focus, motion capture, one-button Vlog and other modes to comprehensively improve shooting ability.1699 yuan, this iQOO Neo5 dynamic edition let us see the real cost performance of the phone should be like, performance is guaranteed, configuration is close enough.New Year for a new machine, not very high prices for the elderly, children in the home to send a different New Year’s gift.Of course, there are many friends who do not have too many requirements for smart phones themselves, so this time, choose iQOONeo5 vitality version is also a good choice, after all, it is very few other phones can surpass in terms of cost performance.For more exciting content, check out Hello Tech