Samsung is still going strong, with the snapdragon 870 flagship coming soon and a full battery life upgrade

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It has been a long time since the Explosion of Samsung phones. Although it had a bad effect on Samsung at the time, as time goes by, Samsung phones are gradually coming back to the public.To be fair, The quality of Samsung’s phones is really excellent, especially the high-end flagship phones, which attract the attention of users.For example, Samsung Galaxy S series and Note series models have excellent configurations in all aspects.The Samsung Galaxy S21Ultra, for example, has been around for a long time, but has long since implemented an adaptive refresh rate.The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 is also getting a lot of attention.It is worth noting that Samsung, as a very excellent mobile phone manufacturer in the world, owns many series of models. In addition to high-end flagship phones, Samsung’s low-end models are also not bad.Still have a very good performance.For example, Samsung Galaxy F series is a very excellent cost-effective flagship with excellent configurations in all aspects, which is deeply loved by users.The main reason is that Samsung has withdrawn from the domestic mobile phone market step by step in recent years, and its publicity has been reduced. As a result, many users do not know about its middle and low-end mobile phones.But judging from its performance in recent years, Samsung is ready to return to the domestic mobile market, and the best place to start is in the mid – and low-end market.Among them, Samsung Galaxy F series is also attracting attention.The next generation Of Samsung Galaxy F62 is also on the way, and the configuration information of the new phone can be basically confirmed.A very good cost-effective flagship.Samsung’s Galaxy F62 is getting an epic battery upgrade to reach 6,000 mah.While most current models use 5,000mah batteries, few phones exceed 6,000mah, which is a pretty good battery life.It’s a mid-range phone, but Samsung takes it seriously.With the extra capacity of the battery, the battery life of the new phone will be further improved, no longer worry about low battery.But the charging power may not be very strong.In addition to the excellent endurance system, the performance of the aircraft will be greatly improved.Currently, snapdragon 888 or Snapdragon 870 chips are used in all domestic mid-end phones.The Samsung Galaxy F62 is no exception and, like the Mi 12X, will use the Snapdragon 870 chip.The performance of this chip is beyond doubt, quite an excellent flagship chip, the performance is commendable.On top of that, the chip’s power consumption is optimized to be even better than snapdragon 888, making it an all-around flagship chip.Samsung’s Galaxy F62 will be more stable with the Snapdragon 870.As a flagship new phone, in order to increase the life of the phone, adapt to the current network environment, the new phone’s memory configuration will also be improved.It is reported that 12GB memory version will be added with 256GB storage space, which will provide better performance.It is worth noting that in order to regain market share, the cost performance of the new phone will be greatly improved. The price of the 12+256GB maximum version is laudable, and it is reported that the price will be kept below 3000.For Samsung mobile phones, has a very high cost performance.As for its video system, there’s no confirmation yet, but it’s safe to assume that the Galaxy F62 will have the same image capability and will be the best of the low – and mid-range models.After all, Samsung’s image optimization algorithm is excellent.The screen is likely to be upgraded to an AMOLED screen with a high refresh rate of 120 Hz, a 1080P resolution, and a decent display.As a cost-effective flagship, Samsung Galaxy F62 configuration is really excellent, if the above mentioned pricing scheme is really adopted, the machine is likely to be more excellent than Mi 12X, battery life and core performance greatly improved, under the guidance of Samsung, the use experience will be very good, more worth starting.However, when it comes to Samsung’s cost-effective phones, the Samsung Galaxy F52 is also not bad. Now the price is significantly reduced, starting at 1329, which is quite cost-effective.The configuration of this machine is not weak, snapdragon 750G chip, and snapdragon 778G, performance and power control are excellent.The 6.6-inch LCD hole screen supports a high refresh rate of 120 Hz and a resolution of 1080P.With a 4,500mah battery and a 64-megapixel quad-camera rear, battery life and photo capability are not weak either.It’s worth starting with.Of course, if you want stronger performance, higher cost performance, Samsung Galaxy S21 is also good.A very good small screen flagship.To make way for the new phone, the price of Samsung Galaxy S21 has been slashed to 3,389 for the 8+128GB version, which offers a very good price.Samsung Galaxy S21 is a versatile imaging flagship powered by snapdragon 888 chips and a second-generation AMOLED adaptive refresh rate screen that supports an adaptive refresh rate of 120 Hz.Rear 64 megapixel main camera.It comes with a 4000 mah battery.Very comprehensive configuration.Do you still think Samsung is worth buying?Feel free to leave a comment below and discuss!We have any questions can be small private letter!