Coco Lee, 47, was accused of looking stiff during her Spring Festival Gala.Wake up as netizens, freckle face great contrast

2022-08-05 0 By

The 47-year-old singer appeared on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala in a clip that went viral on The Internet, saying her face was stiff and unnatural.However, coco Lee seems to be unfazed by netizens. Recently, she posted a photo of herself just waking up without makeup on Douyin.李玟早 before boarding the mainland television CCTV Spring Festival gala show, singing classical songs “tick drip Di Da Di”, fall force singing ~ however, unknown whether poor condition on the night of the coco lee, or makeup, wearing a red sweater, wearing a long braids her by netizens criticized face and facial features tight, face stiff, eyes more bloated, appearance, but the shape is slightly too!However, coco Lee did not seem to be affected by the comments, and recently shared a clip of herself waking up without makeup on Tik Tok.Wearing a white robe, Coco Lee just got out of bed with her messy hair and freckles. She looks confident as she moves her head to the camera to follow the music while singing and brushing her hair from time to time.Also with everyday bright bright image on the stage has very big contrast ~ many fans all leave a message strength to support idol, said “freckles are also very good to see”, “su Yan can”, “temperament is not reduced in those days” ~ however, also have netizen slightly disliking the freckle special effect that Coco Lee uses is strange, said not to recognize the goddess coco Lee in those days!Coco Lee, who just spent her 47th birthday in isolation in January, wrote that her birthday this year gave her quiet time to think instead of spending it in the middle of the crowds.Coco Lee last shared a photo of the two of them a year ago.Coco lee in a social platform to share the experience of maintenance of cultivate one’s morality, from time to time during the period of isolation also insist to take exercise, its posture is also visible to maintain appropriate, dress up fashionable young ~ still debut nearly 28 years of coco lee is a great singer, sing classic songs, too much earlier and more widely coco lee will attend the third season of braving the sister, many netizens are looking forward to!