Life-and-death rescue!Tiedong public security decisive move, successfully rescued a man to jump off a building

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A man and his parents argue, hard to jump off a building.In this thrilling 30 minutes, tiedong public security station police station with wit and decisiveness, the success of the suicide man from the line of death pulled back.A phone call broke the silence of the station’s outpost.”Policeman comrade, I want to jump off a building!”On the night of February 5, 2022, the police station in front of the station received an alarm. A man reported that he was about to jump from a residential building in Shannan Lane.After hearing the news, police station on duty leader Wang Zhe highly nervous, while organizing police immediately rushed to the scene, while maintaining a call with the alarm man.”This big New Year’s day have what thing can’t solve, you tell me where you are, I accompany you chatter”.In the police’s communication persuasion, the man said his position.When arriving at the man’s apartment building, the police looked up and found a man sitting outside the window of the fifth floor corridor, at any time the risk of falling.”Immediately contact 120, 119, ask them to rescue immediately”.At the same time, the police quickly reported the situation to the superior leadership and contact the police station to reinforce the police.The man upstairs had been sitting outside the window, with the window closed upside down, his feet dangling, only holding the window with his hands in the opposite direction for balance, and was in critical condition.That night the weather is particularly cold, the face of the cold wind set in pain, at this time the man is very excited, a slight careless consequences can not be imagined.After careful observation, the surrounding environment is single, the location is narrow, the police dare not approach rancidly.At this time, the man is calling his parents at home, the police tried to persuade them to come down, but the man is not willing to talk to the police, from the man’s words to the police learned that the man because of the work is not smooth, quarrel with the family, angry to commit suicide.At this time, fire fighters and medical personnel arrived at the scene, police and fire fighters quickly study and formulate rescue plans, one group is responsible for chatting with him, another group looking for opportunities to pull him back.Under the persuasion of the public, repeatedly with the man chatter, gradually, the man some relaxed.But just then, the man received a phone call, emotional again, the atmosphere of the scene again tense up.Because the window is closed, bring not small difficulty to rescue, how to let him open the window become the main goal of rescue.As time passed, the man’s physical strength was also consumed by minute and minute. If he did not take action in time, he would be afraid of accidents.”Little brother, do you smoke?Have a smoke.”Police Wang Hao in order to ease the tension, put forward the idea of a cigarette.At this time, the other party nodded, opened the window and took the first cigarette that the policeman handed over.”It’s possible!After the first feeler, the other person relents and shows signs of letting their guard down.”Brother, you try me again this smoke, with explosive beads”, after two minutes, the police Goldman Sachs lu from the left again lit a cigarette, make the movement of the cigarette.At this point the man open the window again when ready to pick up the smoke, see the man’s attention shifted to the left, on the right side firefighters to prepare a sprang quickly come forward to embrace each other to the chest, at the same time, the policemen rushed up to pull the waist force and followed by other police and firefighters are immediately ran to come over, men will back up outside from the window,And saved it.After successfully saving the man who was about to die, police took him to the police station.In the police station duty room, the police patiently to the man to persuade the guidance and education: do anything to think before you act and things to calm down, life only once, must not take their precious life as a joke!The man said after never take their own life joke!Later, the man’s parents also came to the police station to express their deep gratitude to the police and fire personnel.The police also asked the family not to blame the man, but to be more understanding and encouraging. Young lives need love.If you need help from the police, please feel free to contact.