I do practical things for the masses! The public security city received a letter of thanks from the school

2022-08-04 0 By

On February 16, Tangye police Station of Licheng Branch of Jinan Municipal Public Security Bureau received a letter of thanks from the second Affiliated Middle School of Shan Normal University to express heartfelt thanks to tangye police station for doing a good job in protecting and protecting the school.In order to ensure the smooth resumption of school, Tang Ye police station organized police to the second affiliated middle school of The Mountain Division and the overall joint deployment of prevention and control measures, a comprehensive investigation of internal security risks in the campus, purify the surrounding security environment.After the opening of the school, the strict implementation of the school gate “guard post” system.During the school period, the police on duty arrive at the post in advance, do not fear the cold, actively maintain the order at the school gate, guide students to go to and from school.It effectively guarantees the safety of teachers and students on campus and lays a solid foundation for building a solid defense line of campus safety.Tang Ye police station director said on behalf of the whole staff will continue to attach importance to campus security work, for teachers and students to create a safe campus environment and unremitting efforts.