Fryer!We just want our money back

2022-08-04 0 By

On Feb 16 (Beijing time), International defender Hao Junmin publicly asked Wuhan Football Club for his salary last season on social media, causing a stir in Chinese football.And in Hao Junmin’s voice after a short while, and five Wuhan team players collective statement also suffered unpaid wages.Wuhan club serious unpaid crisis, so far formally sent the prelude.The five Wuhan players are Huang Zichang, Yang Boyu, Tian Yinong, Zhao Honglue and Ye Zhongqiu.These players are wuhan team’s core players, but all happened to encounter club unpaid wages.Huang Zichang, a former national football player, said bluntly: “We kept believing, but our promises were never fulfilled. We just wanted to get our wages and bonuses back.”Last season for Wuhan team scored 6 goals zhao Honglue also said: “have chosen to believe, there has been no response, we also need to support the family, also need to survive, not high requirements, just hope to get back their deserved salary bonus.”Wuhan is one of the most active teams in the CSL last season, but since the beginning of the season, the team’s performance is very weak, although the final success of relegation, but the result is far from the expectation of the outside world.Now, this has to do with the club’s serious problem of unpaid wages.Media revealed that Wuhan team is now not only the problem of salary arrears, they are even one of the most serious club in the Super unpaid salary.If that is the case, then the club is in deep trouble.Both Hao Junmin and the other five Wuhan players are by no means unknown in the Chinese Super League. Before joining Wuhan, they also used to be the main members of their first team, but unexpectedly, they collectively encountered the trouble of unpaid wages in Wuhan.According to China’s consistent practice, the players back pay less than actually cannot solve, are reluctant to publish his voice, and this time, the wuhan team six relative unknowns of unpaid collectively to the club, if even they can’t get the salary, the wuhan club how the other players, no doubt has been a very anxious.