To ensure people’s health, the second phase of the upgrade and renovation project of Rizhao Port Hospital of Shandong Port was launched

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Qilu Evening News · Qilu one point reporter Sui Zhongwei February 7, Shandong Port Rizhao Port hospital upgrade phase ii project launch ceremony was held.This is a powerful measure for Rizhao Port in Shandong province to implement the integration of medical resources reform requirements put forward by shandong Port Group Party Committee for the medical and nursing Group, support the development of hospital health undertakings, and provide core support for ensuring the health of port workers and surrounding people.Wang Lei, deputy Director of Rizhao Municipal Health Commission, said in his speech that the upgrading project was not only an important moment in the history of port hospital construction, but also one of the key projects of municipal health system construction. He hoped that the hospital would take this opportunity, take rizhao citizens’ needs as the basis, based on reality, seize the opportunity and cultivate new advantages in medical services.In the hospital management, discipline construction, technical level, personnel training, medical environment, humanized service and other aspects continue to make greater contributions to ensure the health of citizens!Li Yongjin, member of the Party Committee and deputy general manager of Shandong Port Rizhao Port, said that Shandong port Rizhao port enlarged the pattern and looked to the future, and established a construction headquarters to take charge of the port hospital upgrade and reconstruction project, rebuild the new outpatient building and health management center, and comprehensively promote the transformation and upgrading of port hospital.In the construction of the project, the political position will be elevated, the spirit of “struggle” of Rizhao Port in the new era will be inherited, the quality will be strictly controlled, the project cost will be strictly controlled, the construction progress will be accelerated, and the port hospital will achieve a qualitative leap, so as to better serve the port staff and surrounding people.It is understood that the shandong port rizhao port hospital upgrade phase ii project, will be demolished a medical building, office building, seafarers ward building, the new overlay construction of about 3000 square meters, with modular steel structure housing materials, used in clinics, health management center, hemodialysis, and so on, is expected to be completed in mid-april 2022 and relocation of the outpatient service,In 2024, the new comprehensive outpatient building, health management center and supporting underground parking lot will be completed, and advanced intelligent information system will be constructed simultaneously. After completion, the construction area will reach 90,000 square meters and 600 to 800 beds.In the future, Shandong Port Rizhao Port Hospital will continue to strengthen connotation construction, highlight characteristic development, create key specialties, and continuously improve the quality of medical services as a tertiary hospital.