The legendary Nian beast was made up?

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Spring Festival is the most important festival in China. Do you know how this festival came about?I bet you’ll say the story of nian.This story can be widely spread, said that in ancient times, there was a big monster, every New Year’s Eve will run out to harm people, people will set off firecrackers in order to get rid of it.However, I heard that this story is actually made up by modern people. There was no such story in ancient times. What’s going on?Festivals, solar terms hide secrets, sinology, history together.Hello, I’m Fu Mofan.Welcome to my solar terms festival class. We will learn ancient poems and prose together, and understand the history and folk customs of festivals and solar terms.Speaking of New Year’s Eve, you may have heard the legend: in the past, every family had to set off firecrackers on New Year’s Eve.Why do we have to set off firecrackers?Because there is a monster, some say it is called nian Beast, some say it is called Xi Beast.Whatever it’s called, it’s a monster.Every year on the New Year’s Day, as soon as the sun goes down, the monster gets hungry and runs out of the mountains to eat people.You say this monster is very strange indeed!If it loves to eat people, it should come out every day, three meals a day, regular ration, good health.365 days a year, it only comes out to eat people in the evening of the Chinese New Year, then why doesn’t it usually feel hungry?I don’t know about that either.According to my analysis, it may be that it is busy listening to our youth get Chinese compulsory courses, listen too seriously, forget to have a meal.Regardless of the reason, it is only on the night of Chinese New Year that the Nian beast, or Xi Beast, will come out in full cry and want to bite.Well, we humans wouldn’t do that, would we?We are all very busy during the Spring Festival. We have to visit relatives and pay New Year’s greetings and get lucky money. How can we have free time to be bitten by it?So how do you deal with it?It was discovered that the monster was afraid of fire and loud noises.So, these people invented firecrackers.Firecrackers have fire, and particularly loud, nian Beast, or called xi beast, as soon as the sight of firecrackers feel this thing is too terrible, too violent.How much will it hurt if this blows me up?No, I’m running!So it did not dare to come out to eat people.The legend concluded: you see, as soon as we set off firecrackers, we will pass the nian Beast, so it is called “Chinese New Year”;Evening beasts were driven away, get rid of, this is called “New Year’s Eve”.That’s how the holiday came about.It’s a famous story. I heard it all the time when I was a kid anyway.Unfortunately, this story was made up by nobody in the last hundred years.There was no such story in ancient times, and of course, New Year’s Eve and other festivals couldn’t have originated from this story.So how did New Year’s Eve come about?Historians have found that New Year’s Eve comes from an ancient custom called Da Nuo (Big Nuo).You listen to this name, “big nuo”, very strange ah, right?Actually write more strange, “Nuo” is a rare character.Da Nuo actually dances a special kind of dance.Now we dance mainly for viewing, dancing is so beautiful, but the ancients dance this big nuo is different, they dance to ward off evil spirits.The ancients are generally very superstitious, they always think the world is full of what god ghost ghost thing, called evil.For example, when people fall ill, or encounter any bad things, it is the evil evil.The ancients especially hated it and wanted to use all kinds of strange ways to fight against this mysterious evil, which is called exorcism.Many ancient customs derived from the spirit of warding off evil spirits.This big Nuo, for example, is a dance to ward off evil spirits.The ancients would wear some special masks, and then take strange props, everyone in a circle, purring to dance together, it is said that this can drive away evil.In addition to this mysterious dance, there are many other customs to ward off evil spirits on the day of Nuo.These customs evolve, evolve, and grow in variety.As you must know, there was a particularly famous period in ancient times called The Three Kingdoms Period.The period immediately following the end of The Three Kingdoms period was called the Jin Dynasty.In this Jin Dynasty, Big Nuo with a lot of other exorcism customs, finally evolved into the New Year’s Eve festival.So in total, the festival is about 1,700 years old.Our present Spring Festival is also called “Spring Festival”, but the ancient Spring Festival is not the Spring Festival.What is it?The first solar term of spring, Start of Spring.In ancient times, the start of Spring had a different name. Guess what, it is “Spring Festival”.If you suddenly pass through to ancient times, a open eye: yi, who am I, where am I, what day is today, how are all the ancients around?I don’t know.Excuse me, what’s the date today?People say: Today is the Spring Festival.Then you may know, the ancients said the Spring Festival refers to the beginning of spring, not the New Year.What did the ancients call the Spring Festival?New Year’s day.Ah, mind you, that’s not what we’re used to.We now tube solar calendar January 1 called New Year’s Day, the ancients tube lunar calendar first month called New Year’s Day;We now tube lunar calendar first month called the Spring Festival, the ancients tube Spring Festival.So when did we get the name back?This was created after the fall of the Qing Dynasty, and it is only a hundred years old.If this part is confusing, take a look at the picture to make sure you understand it.You see, the name of such an important festival as Spring Festival is different in ancient times and modern times.In fact, not only the name is different, ancient people and modern people’s method of Celebrating the New Year is also different.As we said before, the ancients established the New Year’s Eve festival, originally to ward off evil spirits.So the custom of New Year’s Eve is basically related to warding off evil spirits.For example, we told the story of nian Beast before, there is an important custom on New Year’s Eve, is to set off firecrackers, also called fireworks.The story of nian was made up by later people, but it had one thing right: the ancients did set off firecrackers to ward off evil spirits.That don’t know you have ever thought of a problem: firecrackers are gunpowder wrapped in paper, and bamboo has no relation!Why is it called “firecracker”?Originally, the earliest firecrackers really is bamboo, is a section of a section, the giant panda eat that bamboo.The ancients had no electric lights and no mobile phones. To get light, they usually had to start a fire.The ancients discovered that bamboo was used to make torches, which would crackle and crackle when burned.The ancients think this sound is particularly good, it seems ~ possibly ~ possibly ~ can ward off evil spirits, can drive away evil spirits, so they burn bamboo on New Year’s Eve.Bamboo pops, so they call it firecrackers.So say, this firecracker and the Monkey King or the same!Later, in the Song Dynasty, the ancients invented the paper outside and gunpowder inside firecrackers.They thought it was louder and more exorcising, so they soon stopped burning bamboo and lit firecrackers instead.In ancient times, setting off firecrackers was one of the most important customs on New Year’s Eve.Therefore, wang Anshi, a great poet in the Northern Song Dynasty, said in his poem yuanri: “Firecrackers in New Year’s Eve, the spring breeze sends warmth into Tu Su.””Tu Su” is a special kind of wine, the ancients thought this wine also warded off evil spirits, so they had to drink this tu Su wine on New Year’s Eve.It’s so cold in winter that you can drink tons of cold drinks, which may be uncomfortable, so you have to heat them up before you drink them.Wang Anshi drank the warm Tusu wine and said, “This wine is so warm. It is a gift brought to me by the warm spring!”Did you feel wang anshi’s happiness?* * *