The development research Center of the provincial government came to Tianjin to investigate the development of the biomedical industry

2022-08-03 0 By

On February 23, Li Xuewen, director of the development research Center of the provincial government, visited Zhuhai to investigate the development of the biomedical industry.Symposium scene xue-wen li line successively to medical equipment characteristic industrial park in hunan province, hunan pilot biological technology co., LTD., hunan yi new biological pharmaceutical co., LTD., a detailed understanding of enterprise development, production and operation, independent research and development, etc., and the various enterprises affirmed his achievements in the field of biomedicine.In the following symposium, Peng Fali, director of the municipal High-tech Zone Management Committee, introduced the development of the city’s biomedicine and medical equipment industry.The participants discussed how to better promote the development of biomedical and medical equipment industry in Tianjin.Li Xuewen pointed out that tianjin Municipal Committee and government attaches great importance to the biomedical industry, built a good platform, a good step.It is hoped that Tianjin will further seize the opportunity to launch new policies, new projects and new platforms to extend and complement the chain and realize the high-quality development of tianjin’s biomedical industry.Du Dengquan, deputy mayor of municipal People’s Government, and Jiang Yonglin, deputy director of municipal People’s Congress, participated in the investigation.