One person was banned from driving for life

2022-08-03 0 By

In order to further strengthen the area of road traffic order management, prevent traffic accidents, severely punish drunk driving, traffic accidents and so on, Ximeng West Ujimqin Banner public Security Bureau traffic police brigade to the following lifelong driving ban to be exposed.Name Liu Yang ID number 1521221983****4519 Prohibited driving reason limit apply for: 1, drinking or drunk driving a motor vehicle after a major traffic accident constitute a crime.The lifelong driving ban is the most severe and punitive administrative punishment for drivers. Once a driver is banned for life, it means that no one can re-apply for a driving license or obtain driving qualifications in the future. The public security organs will record the above personnel into the driving test system to restrict their application and implement dynamic supervision.It is hoped that every traffic participant can earnestly abide by the road traffic laws and regulations, safe travel, civilized driving.West Ujimqinqi Public Security Traffic police brigade