It is suggested that Xiamen and Putian should be divided into Quanzhou to speed up the rapid development of Southern Fujian!

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It is suggested that Xiamen and Putian should be divided into Quanzhou to promote the rise of Southern Fujian and promote the development of Fujian.Fujian is mountainous and one of the richest provinces in China!In terms of per capita GDP, Fujian ranks the fourth in China, only next to Beijing, Shanghai and Jiangsu.In terms of per capita disposable income, Fujian is also among the top several in China!Fujian’s current economic development leader in the coastal north of fuzhou and the south of Xiamen Zhangquan!At present, under the strategy of strong provincial capital, Fuzhou’s GDP has slightly surpassed Quanzhou’s by 2 billion yuan, which is 1,132.4 billion yuan, ranking first in the province.Quanzhou from the past fujian’s first economic city to retreat to the second!It can be said that, in terms of economic development, the economic aggregate of xiamen, Zhangzhou and Quanzhou in southern Fujian is much larger than that of Fuzhou, but the shortcomings of their respective urban development characteristics are also obvious. Xiamen is the economic and cultural center of southern Fujian, but the hinterland of development is too small, and the area of Xiamen is smaller than shenzhen.Quanzhou is the largest city in minnan economy, but the concentration of urban development is too low, quanzhou has no concentration advantage, so Quanzhou this year also by Fuzhou catch up!The development of zhangzhou hinterland can also, fujian province, the largest zhangzhou plain in Zhangzhou city, but zhangzhou economic total just over 500 billion!So the development of minnan area mainly lies in xiamen and quanzhou coordination!And at the same time fujian coastal 6 cities, Ningde, Fuzhou, Zhangzhou have a broad development hinterland!Putian, sandwiched between Quanzhou and Fuzhou, has the smallest hinterland!Therefore, for overall development and comprehensive consideration, the main body of Quanzhou can be merged into Xiamen, and then the two counties of Dehua and Yongchun in the north of Quanzhou can be merged into Putian, so as to increase the development hinterland of Putian!So through this adjustment, the whole Fujian coastal by before 6 cities into 5 cities!And between each city has broad development hinterland!Especially quanzhou and Xiamen merged into the new Xiamen city is the most significant, also basically solved the previous xiamen Zhangquan coordinated development of the problem!Why do you say that?Because the newly established Xiamen city covers an area of 8906km², has a population of 13.96 million and a GDP of 1.77 billion!The population and economic size of new Xiamen city surpass That of Nanjing and Tianjin.Level with Wuhan and Hangzhou!No problem has the potential to compete chengdu and Suzhou!The new Xiamen city has this population and economic volume can not only radiate south Fujian, and west Fujian, chaoshan area are in the driving range of new Xiamen city!In this way, Fujian, as the 8th largest economy province in China, also occupies one of the top 10 economic cities in China.New Xiamen city – Fuzhou, these two pairs of CP combination in Fujian province, completely exceeded jinan, Qingdao CP combination in Shandong province!Can and Jiangsu Nanjing suzhou, Zhejiang Hangzhou Ningbo such CP combination shoulder!At the same time, putian’s economic aggregate can also jump to the fourth place among the eight cities in Fujian Province!Putian as fuzhou and New Xiamen unicom hub!In the new Xiamen city and fuzhou city of the united drive, will certainly have a good development!