Another reunion police doctor husband and wife “cloud” on New Year’s Eve dinner

2022-08-03 0 By

Recently, Yang Xiang family early in the jingshan home busy, they want to eat a special New Year’s Eve dinner.The whole round table was soon filled with home-style dishes, and the fragrance filled the air. Bowls and chopsticks were placed and drinks were poured, and the whole family made a video call to Yang’s wife, Fu Chengli, while raising a glass.On the screen, fu Cheng Li, as a medical worker, took the initiative to join the anti-epidemic team on January 15 and was incorporated into the centralized quarantine point.At present, the mission came to an end, she is in hotel isolation, can not go home for the Spring Festival.Her family, who had not seen each other for more than 10 days, decided to have a reunion dinner with her via video link.”I’ve never spent the Spring Festival away from home before, so I feel a little sorry that I can’t be with my family.But since I have chosen this profession, it is incumbent upon me to do so.””Said Cheng Fu.In fact, in the fight against the epidemic, her husband Yang Xiang is also her “comrade-in-arms”.As a people’s police officer, After the outbreak of the epidemic, Yang Xiang stationed in the wuchang Street containment community on duty.The last time the couple was just a corner away, but they still couldn’t see each other.On the eve of the New Year’s dinner, Yang cooked fried beef, his wife’s favorite dish.”I don’t usually cook, so I want to make her a favorite dish for Chinese New Year.I’ll do it again when she comes back.”Yang Xiangshui.