All the way to the distance!”Truck mother” Sui Jinrong travel north and south of the extraordinary life

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In the early morning of March 25, Sui Jinrong of Mengtai Group Dali Xing team received a notice of transportation support for epidemic prevention materials in Jilin. The time was tight and the task was heavy. She did not dare to delay and set out overnight to load the car in the urban area of Ordos.Sui jinrong’s tiny frame drove a heavy truck weighing 49 tons, 16 meters long and 4 meters high.Affectionately known as the “truck mother” by her fans, Sui jinrong also has more than 3 million fans on the Kuaishou platform because of her extraordinary life.Since 18 years ago, Sui Jinrong from Mulan County, Heilongjiang Province has often filmed her sports car routine and shared it on kuaishou short video platform. Her optimistic and positive attitude towards life has also infected many netizens, gaining 376W+ fans and 3713.1W+ likes. As she is the fourth in her family,Netizens affectionately call her “Siwench”. After contacting the Internet, sometimes she also broadcasts live with goods and participates in activities to help farmers, helping her hometown to promote good agricultural and sideline products, which is known and loved by more people.Sui Jinrong quick home page works (four wench.On March 25, Sui jinrong received “special help” from a fan in the studio. The leader of the Blue Sky Rescue Team in Ordos city wanted her to contact a heavy truck driver who could transport supplies to Jilin.”Already contact with a male driver to transport this batch of donated by xin and group relief supplies, considering the distance, but the driver back to wade epidemic areas need to isolate delay the construction period, temporary refused, can’t blue sky rescuers found me, I think everyone’s concerns this special period, just go on my own.”Sui jinrong said.”Because of the special period is not good to find a driver, just on the kuaishou platform to see four wench in the live, want to ask her to help call contact, did not think she is willing to go with our blue sky rescue team.She has done a lot of heavy work herself, and she always has endless strength, which is very admirable!”Blue sky rescue team captain said.During a short rest in the service area, Sui jinrong posted a video of the journey on the Internet, which received 84.6 million likes in total.Netizens have commented: “Love is boundless, give praise to four girl!Jilin people thank you, bon voyage!””The most beautiful rebel, female hero, heilongjiang hometown people’s pride!”When sui Jinrong heard that his mother was going to Jilin to transport supplies, sui Jinrong’s seven-year-old son “Ka” was very worried. Before he left, the phone was full of tears and said, “You must pay attention to safety on the road, do a good job of protection, promise me to protect yourself, mom, I am proud of you.Jilin come on!Mom come on!”When the country is in trouble, great love precedes her. She is a heroic rebel, a valiant female driver of heavy trucks, and a daughter, sister and mother whom her relatives and children care about day and night.Sui Jinrong has a happy family. Although he is often separated from his children due to work, their hearts are always together.Her daughter graduated from school and now works as a dance teacher in Mudanjiang. Her youngest son, “Ka er”, entered primary school this year and was reportedly given the name by netizens.”When my child was young, there was no one to take care of him. I would take him with me when I drove. Sometimes I would run a long distance for days on the road, and he would accompany me quietly without crying.”Sui jinrong said.At that time, the space of the cockpit became the most loving and warm nest for the mother and son. The place where there are relatives is called home, and the place where there is love is far better than the “golden nest and silver nest”.Sui Jinrong participated in CCTV “Open Great Doors” and children live connection to participate in CCTV “open Great Doors” program recording, Sui Jinrong once said her wish is to work hard, save enough money as soon as possible, buy a house of their own, the children are received around to live.People panic, but a few pieces of silver.It happened that the broken silver a few, can solve the world melancholy, can let parents well-being, can protect the growth of young children.She is working hard for the ordinary life, the family reunion and embrace distant and luxurious, striving to have a small home as soon as possible, can give the child warm hug and can sleep in a corner.Fortunately, she had the support and protection of her family on her journey away from home.Sui Jinrong’s little sister “five wench” love sister run long distance, sometimes reluctant to hire a driver, alone sports car can not eat well also sleep well, on the truck driver’s license, not busy when to accompany the sister out of the car.Over the years, the two sisters have traveled from south to north to transport supplies to support the torrential rain disaster in Henan province, and they have also driven more than 6,000 kilometers from the northeast to the southwest, crossing the most complicated Tibet line. The “road sisters” have always supported each other in the most difficult times.The photo of Sui Jinrong and her sister “Wuwenzi” shows her love for the years. The contrast between her small body and the big truck makes her look mysterious and sightly.With her unique driving skills and passion for the steering wheel, she still firmly chose this road and continued to travel day and night for her dream and China’s logistics business, all the way to the distance!(Reporter Wei Jiaxin)