Baoshan traffic police brigade to deal with rain and snow weather to ensure smooth road

2022-08-01 0 By

Recently, shuangyashan city appeared a large range of snow weather, in order to ensure the snow area road traffic safety, Baoshan traffic police brigade started emergency plan, rapid action, scientific deployment, all on the road, actively carry out snow road traffic management.During the snowfall, in order to ensure the normal operation of road traffic order, while increasing the road dredging, the traffic police brigade also strengthened the inspection and inspection of road traffic facilities, found problems in time and eliminated them in the first time.In addition, to strengthen the coordination of departments and improve the ability to cope with severe weather, the brigade actively coordinated with the sanitation department, in the area of shuangqi highway with continuous snow pushing machine and sanitation vehicles to transport snow, to provide a safe transportation environment for the masses.At present, the phenomenon of daytime and night freezing is obvious in the spring melting period. This time, the snowfall is large, and it is easy to form icy roads under snow at night, and cause greater impact on the morning rush hour traffic on weekdays.The public should prepare for the next day’s travel in advance, and try to choose the wrong time to travel, public travel, shared travel and other ways in the morning peak, so as to effectively relieve the urban traffic pressure.If a traffic accident occurs while driving, it should be applied to the traffic accident fast place fast compensate procedure quickly disassemble, drive away as soon as possible, eliminate the bad influence on regional traffic in time.Review Sui Cheng editor Yin Junyan issued shuangyashan City public Security Bureau traffic police detachment baoshan brigade