Yantai: Online and offline efforts to enjoy the Spring Festival cultural travel feast

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China Shandong network – perception of Shandong February 6 news lanterns decorated to celebrate the New Year, delicious Yantai everywhere spring.Today is the seventh day of the Spring Festival holiday and the third day of the Opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics.Yantai Culture and Tourism Bureau has made thorough arrangements and made overall plans to strictly observe the bottom line of epidemic prevention and control and safe production, enrich the supply of holiday products and services, and vigorously boost the consumption of culture and tourism. The city’s culture and tourism market is happy and harmonious, orderly, safe and stable.Celebrate the Chinese New Year and enjoy the quality cultural feast and wonderful performances.Linkage host cities and counties in 2022, yantai TV gala evening party, the people, the Spring Festival children’s Spring Festival gala three big gala for leading brands, MouPing, fushan area, penglai, laiyang city, Spring Festival gala for 8 big gala party support, through song and dance, instrumental music, drama, comedy, the Peking Opera, martial arts, dance and other art forms, acura is advanced, the present achievements, prosperous time, reunion,For the city’s people to provide a high standard of the Spring Festival cultural feast.Family Concert of Animation Kingdom reminds audiences of their childhood, and the classic drama Laolinbao promotes the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, which makes the audience cry for ecstasy.The children’s play “Balloon Rhapsody” restores the classic Broadway comedy performance style. The magic world full of fun, the happy balloon sea with rich imagination, the funny and funny live interaction, and the wonderful bubble kingdom like a dream attracted the children to cheer continuously and gather together into the happy ocean.Cultural expo experience welcome New Year.Focusing on the Spring Festival, Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Yantai’s history and culture, fine collections and other themes, the city’s cultural and exhibition venues launched more than 30 fine exhibitions, such as non-body examination, to promote excellent traditional culture and praise the great achievements of the new era from multiple perspectives.Yantai art museum, museum of yantai, introduced the together into the future – yantai “celebrate the winter Olympics” art exhibition “, “collection Xu Linlu calligraphy and painting exhibition” and “full always springs – yantai art museum (yantai art academies) collection flower-bird painting exhibition” and show the new era of vigorous vitality, create art aron wenbo venues.Yantai paper cutting, calabash carving, Jiaodong flower bobo, cultural and creative products “eight immortal fu Hu” and other projects of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum are made and displayed on the spot, allowing citizens and tourists to enjoy the charm of traditional culture.Soak up your reading on holidays.During the festival, the member units of Yantai National Reading Alliance and public libraries at the city and county levels launched more than 30 offline activities with the theme of “Book-scented” and online activities with the theme of “Book-scented in the cloud”, so that the book flavor will soak into the Hong Kong city and reading will light up the New Year.”Wish tree to fulfill reading wish” activity for the citizens and tourists reading surprise.Yantu Theatre brings children into the fairy tale world of “Little Red Riding Hood” and “Frog Prince”.Reading activities such as “You read, I pay” and online winter vacation reading Marathon Punch card Challenge have greatly stimulated citizens’ enthusiasm for reading.Glamour movies warm the heart.The New Year blockbuster has attracted much attention, more than 10 exciting new films in the city’s major cinemas.Watergate Bridge, the sequel to Changjin Lake, which topped the Box office in The Chinese film market, has been sold out to numerous audiences.Chinese film fans have been treated to a feast of holiday culture as highly anticipated new films hit the big screen, including “Sniper” directed by Zhang Yimou, “Four Seas” directed by Han Han and “Miracle: A Stupid Child” directed by Wen Muye and starring Yi Yangqianxi.Boonie Bears return to Earth, Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf Basket out of the Future and other animated movies, let the cinema become a beautiful and happy ocean of parents and children.Enjoy wonderland, taste delicious, enjoy the colorful holiday trip theme products are wonderful.With the theme of “Visit Wonderland with Vigor and Vitality in the New Year”, the “Winter Visit Yantai” Spring Festival series products are launched, including three series of “Taste life Year, Family Happy Year, folk Fun Year”, to start the Spring Festival drunken wonderland tour, romantic “European” encounter tour, art exhibition tour;Family happy Year series of routes, including ski trip, family play snow trip, family accompany trip;Folk fun Year series of routes, including blessing tour, village experience tour, mountain climbing tour to find the fairy, let the citizens and tourists enjoy the good time, happy New Year.Featured lines are highly sought after.Guided by the New Year’s Eve festival in Yantai, it has launched more than 50 featured tour activities with four major themes: “Happy Skiing and Snow”, “Folk Festival and Spring Blessing”, “Portuguese wine tasting and Lanterns welcoming the New Year” and “Ecological picking”.To welcome the Winter Olympics, skiing is favored, Linshan, Blanc, Nanli and other five ski resort wonderful activities, visitors like weaving, enjoy the speed and passion.Hot spring swim lift climax, Muping Kunlong hot spring, development zone Magnetic mountain hot spring, Penglai ancient Roman art health hot spring and other water dense, citizens and tourists comfortable “bubble”, take care of body and mind.Rural tourism heat is not reduced, agricultural experience, parent-child research and other colorful activities, Muping water town Nantai Village, Laizhou Wenfeng Road street before xue Jia caixiang Garden and other more than 10 picking base fruitful, attract tourists into the countryside, feel the local feelings, experience the local customs.Wine tour is fascinating. Penglaiqiu Valley Wine Leisure Experience Area, Changyu Castellan Winery, Junding Winery and other activities launched wine tasting festival, so that citizens and tourists can taste the mellow wine.Promote consumption for the benefit of the people.In coordination with industry elements such as scenic spots, cinemas, restaurants and commercial complexes, more than 80 New Year policies have been launched to benefit the people, enabling the general public tourists to enjoy preferential experience in the whole chain of food, accommodation, travel, tourism, shopping and entertainment, and activating cultural and travel consumption in the whole realm of the Festival.Changdao scenic spots are free of charge, and more than 30 a-level scenic spots such as Yantai Haichang Whale Shark Ocean Park, Baxian Crossing The Sea Scenic Spot, Ou Lebao Fantasy World, Zhaoyuan Luo Mountain and so on are offered A 5-30% discount.Dadi, China Film Digital International Cineplex and other more than 10 cinemas launched the New Year’s eve popular movie special discounts, advance tickets.More than 10 star hotels such as Crowne Plaza Nanshan, Hilton Golden Coast hotel and Phoenix Mountain Hotel have launched New Year’s Eve dinners and special banquets.Zhenhua, Joy City, Mixc, Aeon and other commercial complexes have launched a series of preferential and promotional products to provide citizens with one-stop consumption experience of watching movies, dining, shopping and reading.Online force, cloud tour yantai, leading the holiday leisure fashion cloud on the new experience.Based on a “yantai brigade” cloud platform, joint bureau of big data through data sharing channel, realize the online booking, vaccination and health code data connectivity, in the province take the lead to achieve the “reservation code + code + health immunization information” multiple codes one booking, reducing light code process, shorten the verification time and improve efficiency (pavilion) in the park,To provide tourists with new experience of wisdom culture travel.Happy New Year in the clouds.”Yantai Culture & Tourism Cloud” platform launched the theme of “Culture & Tourism Welcome Spring Festival together with Chinese New Year” for 2022 Spring Festival, and planned more than 270 activities in seven sections, such as culture & Tourism gifting, Art Appreciation for Chinese New Year, Cloud viewing exhibition, New Book reading in the New Year, Grand Theater in the New Year, AND PK gift, to meet the new needs of public tourists.”New Year grand Theater” 2022 Yantai people’s Spring Festival Gala, “Happy New Year · The most beautiful moment in Yantai” photography exhibition, “PK send good gifts” “New Year wish” award interactive, Spring Festival drive award punch card and other activities, let the public happy “cloud” on the New Year.Clouds on the smell of the dead.In yantai culture and tourism cloud online “Yantai New Year taste” short video collection activities, mining Yantai, Jiaodong area of the twelfth month, little New Year, Spring Festival, the first month and other festival customs, to show the unique folk customs of Yantai, yantai winter “the most high taste of life”.Around the traditional Chinese New Year culture, “Yantai Culture Travel” knowledge, official blog interaction and other planned and launched themed activities such as guessing lantern riddles with prizes, Driving with prizes in Spring Festival, sina Weibo topic interaction, so that citizens and tourists can experience the rich flavor of The New Year in interesting and interactive online activities.