V90 B rv with 6 seats and 3 beds!Independent kitchen and bathroom rear twin, and super long back factory warranty

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There are 6 seats and 3 beds in the limited space B type rv!Although it is compact, but the layout is reasonable, and the car has a long back to the factory warranty, maintenance and no worries.Based on the Datong V90 extended shaft ultra high top chassis modified from the Jingyan 590.Simple appearance of pearl white body color, appearance size (length, width and height) : 5940*2110*2980 mm, blue card C license driving.Equipped with a 2.0-ton four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine matched with the French Bonch 6AT automatic transmission, the maximum power is 149 HP and the peak torque is 375 NM.The exterior of the car is equipped with water and electricity access, sunshade and lighting.The cockpit is equipped with multi-functional steering wheel, suspended LCD display, advanced spider intelligent link, equipped with reversing image, reversing radar and cruise control, chassis equipped with ABS + EBD + BAS, esp+ HHC, tire pressure monitoring and speed sensing automatic lock, etc., the car adopts 3+3 layout, the main and co-driver seats can rotate to the rear.The seating in the reception area is 2+1 structure. The front of the double seat is equipped with a moving table. When parking, the seat can be inverted to form a single bed of 1980*960 mm.In the middle is the kitchen and bathroom area, equipped with induction cooker, 50L car refrigerator and storage cabinets.The independent bathroom in the car is equipped with imported box toilet (with 17L black water tank), basin, pull shower, storage cabinet, bathroom mirror on the top and 12v fan on the top.In order to increase the number of rest, the rear large bed adopts the transverse bed structure, the upper lifting bed size is 1620*930 mm, the lower part of the three-section horizontal bed size is 1840*1220 mm, the middle bed plate adopts the three-section design, lift the middle bed plate lower part can be used as a walking channel, but also storage.Water and electricity, 3000W inverter, 300ah lithium battery, 200W solar energy, 120L net water tank and 50L grey water tank.In terms of quality guarantee, we provide 5-year / 100,000km super long warranty for the core and structure, and 3-year / 60,000km warranty for the chassis.