A court hearing will be held in May on claims from shareholders arising from false statements of Wai Hai shares

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On April 2, investors sued listed companies weihai share false statement case ushered in progress, Ningbo Intermediate People’s Court has arranged the court time of investors’ claims, subpoena shows that investors Su Weihai Shares and securities false statement liability dispute case will be heard on May 7, 2022.Investors agent felix, director of Shanghai long cheng law firm lawyers, is a court case filing the case for the first time, subsequent part of the case is still under carding and will be submitted to the court case recently, previous court cases or cases of late formed certain demonstration effect, recommends that investors keep close attention, and attention to the problem of the statute of limitations,With only a few months left to file claims, wai Hai shareholders’ claims have been significantly affected by changes to the new misrepresentation judicial interpretation, a change that most investors are unaware of and do not understand.On the evening of February 10, Weihai Stock Announcement Company and relevant parties received the Written Decision on Administrative Penalty ([2022] No. 1) and The Written Decision on Market Prohibition ([2022] No. 1) issued by Ningbo Regulatory Bureau of China Securities Regulatory Commission on February 10, 2022. After verification by Ningbo Securities Regulatory Bureau,The relevant parties mainly have the following two categories of illegal facts: 1. Failure to disclose the situation of providing guarantee for the related party as required;2. Failure to disclose related party transactions of non-operational funds occupied by related parties as required.Ningbo Securities Regulatory Bureau believes that the above behavior of the sea shares, in violation of the provisions of article 63, 65, 66, 67 of the 2005 “Securities Law”, constitute the first paragraph of the 2005 “Securities Law” article 193 mentioned illegal acts, and then to the relevant subject to administrative punishment and market prohibition.And the conclusion of the above punishment has also become the core evidence of the claim of many investors surrounding the sea shares.”Securities law” the eighty-fifth regulation, information disclosure obligation not to disclose information in accordance with the relevant provisions, or the announcement of the securities issuance documents, periodical reports, interim reports and other information disclosure documents contain any false records, misleading statements or material omissions, the investors in securities trading losses, information disclosure obligor shall be liable for compensation.Felix lawyer said, according to the law case and refer to the past, the present condition of claim is that in October 1, 2017 to April 27, 2019, buy shares shortlisted for the sea, and in 2019 on April 27 to sell, or hold shares investors may file a claim, after recent hearing, the court ruled that should soon beThe specific conditions of compensation should be determined soon, but may not be finalized before the statute of limitations expires, prompting investors in the wait-and-see to pay special attention.