“3+3” mode to promote operation load reduction closed loop

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Since this year, medicine high-tech zone (gaogang) to carry out the “ShuangJian” policy, effectively lightens the burden of student work, in order to “random inspection + + two-way supervision intelligent control” of the trinity, works to “system monitoring, evaluation and reflection key governance” three-step work mode, strengthen the comprehensive monitoring of school work during the work, formulate carding issues list,Timely correction and rectification of errors, the implementation of the “double reduction” work in detail, effectively ensure the healthy growth of primary and secondary school students, further promote the sustainable development of regional education ecology.”Random supervision + two-way supervision + intelligent control” trinity monitoring system.By building a trinity monitoring system of “random supervision, two-way supervision and intelligent control”, we can achieve full coverage of operation management and no dead corners.Is a random inspection, relying on “line” a week “casing inquest into member school” such as the carrier, by random sampling, field supervision, questionnaire survey, by the subject inquest into member and the superintendent responsibility for schoolwork burden condition normal supervision and problems for homework during the work timely rectification, ensure the timeliness of problem is corrected;Second, two-way monitoring, requires schools to class as the unit, with the help of a “daily homework BeiAnChan” interdisciplinary work content and length as a whole, at the same time send students as “job management investigators”, is responsible for the statistics discipline daily homework time, than grade group will be two hours, the difference value bigger class coordination communication, and ordered the rectification, ensure the effectiveness of the total amount control;The third is intelligent management and control. Through cooperation with IFLYTEK, the regional operation supervision and management system is established to realize dynamic operation supervision kanban, and real-time monitoring of operation design quality, total amount setting, correction and content publicity ensures scientific operation management and control.The three-stage working path of “comprehensive monitoring + reflective evaluation + key governance”.The three-step work path of “comprehensive monitoring, reflective evaluation and key governance” was adopted to promote the operation management.First, comprehensive monitoring, with the trinity monitoring system to achieve the seamless management of students in the compulsory education stage in the region to reduce the workload, to ensure the comprehensiveness of problem discovery;2 it is to reflect on evaluation, contrast diagnostic analysis found that the problem, for homework “cloth” instead of low-quality phenomenon, the district education bureau put forward the essence of the “five five will” specific requirements, make each subject job design and implementation of rule-based, and organize activities of targeted inquest into booster work quality improvement, to ensure the operation effectiveness quality;The third is the focus of governance, involving homework layout excess, lack of guidance, perfunctory correction, comment at will, feedback of individual schools and teachers to be seriously investigated and punished, strict accountability, establish a clear direction of orders and prohibitions, strict punishment, to ensure the seriousness of the governance of the problem.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com