The coolest house in Beijing?Zhang Changfu occupied the main road for 8 years, demanding sky-high compensation, the outcome

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It seems that the house and nail house are born together, there is a house and nail house.As for the nail households, they are not willing to move, either because the resettlement compensation is not in place, or the feelings of the old house is hard to give up.There is a “nail house” in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. The owner of the house said he would not move out even if he was given 10 billion yuan.This house is the Ren family old house, covering an area of 1200 square meters, has a history of more than 200 years, the previous owner was the Qing Dynasty second grade chief, passed down from generation to generation.In theory, such a long house, belong to cultural relics, after the reaction of the owner of the house, the report, this old house not only was not removed, really become cultural relics, protected up.There is no nail at all in the world, adhere to not move for a long time, as time passes, became cultural relics.However, a lot of people say that the house is the most nail.When renjia ancient house is known by most people, Beijing also has the most outstanding nail house, 8 years do not move away, listen to the whistle every day sleep, get up, does this nail house also have cultural relic protection value?Beijing’s biggest nail house went out for the first time at 8.30am in 2010, during the rush hour.This nail house in the middle of the road, with the force of nails, a two-way 8-lane road, squeezed into two lanes.Often the car arrived here, or slow down carefully turn, or block into a group, sirens sound, anxious to go to work person in the mind impatient.This day, a bus was blocked here, the car is difficult to turn around, the front road is narrow, after the car such as long, the bus driver after 15 minutes to move the steering wheel, several sliding gears, just turned the corner.During the morning and evening rush hours, more than a hundred cars would be stuck here, causing great trouble in getting around.In addition to the driver after friends will curse here, living here master Zhang Changfu is also unbearable car disturbance, from hearing the news of demolition, and then to the surrounding friends have moved away, received the demolition money, Zhang Changfu and his brother “abode” here.It was originally called Shangjialou Village, in Yanggong Township, Chaoyang District, Beijing.In 2003, in order to urban planning, the need to use shangjialou village homestead, the developer to mobilize, do relevant work, after seeking the consent of the villagers, resettlement compensation in place, everyone happily moved into the new house.When it came time to measure the homestead of Zhang Changfu brothers, Zhang Changfu looked at the appraisal list, and the fire came. The book said 153.6 square meters, but with the yard, Zhang Changfu thought it was more than 300 square meters, so he was not satisfied with the 830,000 yuan on the appraisal list.Zhang Changyou with eldest brother’s reaction, said: “the value of a piece of things, give you three hair, you stem?”No one would do it.The reference sample provided to the Zhang family is that in the same year, the UHN International Village next to Shangjialou Village opened and the price reached 8,000 yuan, while the compensation for them was 5,000 yuan.In addition, zhang’s neighbor, who lived opposite him, finally received 2.8 million yuan in demolition funds after a series of battles with the developer.With these two samples, The Zhang Changfu brothers have enough confidence. When someone comes to negotiate, the Zhang Changfu brothers put forward a request, to settle a three-bedroom, compensation 2.5 million;Zhang Changyou received 1.5 million yuan in compensation for two three-bedroom apartments.The zhang changfu brothers themselves estimate that their two families have more than 500 square meters of land, which is reasonable.However, the other party insisted that the demand was too high and could not be done. Furious, Zhang changfu’s wife said: “No sincerity to let you move, any condition is too high.”830,000 to 2.5 million, 430,000 to 1.5 million. Who has the advantage?It’s a lose-lose ending.Developers still want to let Zhang Changfu brothers move away, after all, his position is too important, in the middle of the road, but both sides are not willing to let go, this matter will drag on and on, drag to Zhang Changfu are impatient.As he waited for news, Zhang changfu watched his neighbors move away one by one. Construction was going on as they moved, with piling and churning of concrete everywhere.Since they did not come again, they had to work quietly and wait for the notice. However, after three years of road construction, no one came to them. Zhang Changfu’s wife Ann could not help but go to the project manager of the road construction company.Look for the developer to have no result, then look for the parent official.Did not expect the other party said that the road is not under their control, Zhang Changfu family, can really find no one to use.The final result is that Zhang Changfu still lives in the old house.The old house, which occupies 500 square meters, has changed from eight lanes to two lanes.The road has been opened, Zhang Changfu is facing difficulties in life, and mental torture.Shangjialou village was originally home to more than 200 families with well-equipped facilities. Now it is the only one. Water and electricity are guaranteed, but there are no sewers or toilets, and the courtyard is flooded when it rains, and furniture is soaked in water when it rains.The lack of sewers meant that dirty water had to be spilled to the side of the road, which, day after day, had already smeared the clean, tidy exterior walls.In addition, the weeds in the yard grew crazily and surrounded the two houses. Zhang Changfu thought of moving sooner or later and had no idea to take care of them.This kind of living environment will drive people crazy sooner or later. In order to keep the house, Zhang Changfu and his wife do not go to work. They sleep every day with the sound of the roaring car and wake up every morning because of it.Such a life lasted for four or five years, and the rice bowl at home was already clean. Zhang changfu’s wife had to work as a supermarket salesman, earning 2,000 yuan a month to support the whole family.By 2008, Zhang’s house was walled, creating a special local attraction.The merchants around, looking at the fence, the heart can not help but have a number of abuse.The traffic flow is different, the flow of people is scarce, the business of the merchants is not very good, when they look at the morning and evening rush hour of the long car, they immediately know where the problem is.But zhang Changfu brothers, really do not want to move?In their minds, as long as it meets their own conditions, they will move, no doubt.Zhang Changfu felt guilty for bringing so much trouble to people around him. He said bluntly, “We feel guilty, but we really don’t know who to find to solve it.”Zhang Changfu did not know who to find to solve, someone will help him solve.In December 2010, the Chaoyang District housing Authority gave Zhang 15 days’ notice to vacate after numerous complaints and anger over traffic jams over the years.That compensation, be the same as 2003, still 83 thousand, however can according to the house price of 2003, go buying find a place for a house.Insist on 7 years, the final outcome is the same, Zhang Changfu refused to accept.So he proposed a reconsideration, litigation, and so on 15 days, the house, still standing in the middle of the road.Until November 2011, Zhang changfu still did not move out.On December 18, a memorable day for Zhang Changfu, excavators rumbled in and bulldozed the house of zhang’s two brothers.And Zhang Changfu finally in the kind of 830,000 yuan compensation sheet, pressed the handprint, moved out of the garbage dump environment, living in a new house.Zhang Changfu stick to 8 years, the compensation, just like 8 years ago, his “nail” is meaningful?I think, more significance is to advise everyone to “go with the flow”, others are iron rooster, even if more “nail” a second, also don’t want to pull out more hair on the iron rooster.If there is zhengzhou that home ancient house, it is really ten billion are not moved.