From February 1 to 4, zhenjiang’s box office reached 22.732 million yuan

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During the Spring Festival, one of the most popular leisure activities is to watch a movie with family and friends. The reporter learned this morning that so far, the box office of eight films in the whole Spring Festival has been very good, among which the box office of “The Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake” has exceeded 10 million yuan in Zhenjiang.At ten o ‘clock in the morning, the reporter came to my joy square star yicheng, although near the meal point, but there are still a lot of people came to buy tickets, a number of projection hall also have a lot of people are watching the movie, we said, they are specially to watch “Changjin Lake of the Water gate Bridge”.Citizen Ms Zhao: children want to see some patriotic, I think educational significance or quite big.Mr. Li: The previous “Changjin Lake” is quite popular, this time a “Changjin Lake”, so we want to come to have a look, think these martyrs are really not easy, the new China has the present prosperity, but also have their efforts.Wei Song, general manager of the studio, told reporters that this Spring Festival, the studio gave “Changjin Lake Water Gate Bridge” 30 percent of the screen volume, the attendance rate is very high, to the studio contributed about 40 percent of the box office.As of February 4, “Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake” had grossed more than 10 million yuan in Zhenjiang.Wei Song, general manager of Xingyi Cinema in Wuyue Square: when it was released in October, there was a certain audience base. Red themed films are also popular, and they are the mainstream films of this year.From February 1 to 4, zhenjiang’s box office reached 22.732 million yuan.Besides Watergate Bridge, the Killer is Not Too Cool, the only comedy of the New Year, ranked second and Boonie bears third on the box office chart of Zhenjiang during this Spring Festival.As of 11:12 PM today, the total box office of new films during the 2022 Spring Festival has exceeded 4.7 billion yuan, according to maoyan professional edition.Source: Zhenjiang Minsheng Channel