You don’t have to wait in line at the bank. You can pay big health insurance on your phone

2022-07-23 0 By

Recently, the business volume of branches of bank of China that handle large medical insurance payment business in various urban areas of Zhuhai has surged. On The 18th, the reporter interviewed the staff of Bank of China Anshan Branch and learned that large medical insurance payment can be paid by mobile phone, only a few minutes, and others can pay for those who do not know how to use mobile phone.Ms. Zhang used to pay large medical insurance in the community, this year she received a notice, large medical insurance needs to go to the bank of China to pay, Ms. Zhang went for two days, did not line up the number.Ms. Zhang is very anxious, for fear of late, cannot enjoy insurance treatment.”Many people confuse the urban and rural residents’ medical insurance with large medical insurance, because the former has a centralized payment deadline of February 25, while the large medical insurance has no centralized payment period. There is no need to rush to complete the payment within a few days.”According to the bank of China, anshan gold department relevant controller introduces, this several days the bank of China to undertake large medical insurance payment business volume surge in a few branches, many old people early to line up in the cold, actually it is not necessary to completely to the network, in the domestic mobile phone can complete the payment, can anyone on behalf of the operation, and a man can pay the fee for people.There are eight steps in the payment process of 54 yuan and 108 yuan for large medical insurance through mobile banking.Step 1: Log in to bank of China mobile banking with a password of 8-20 letters and digits. If you are not sure whether you have mobile banking, please bring your ID card, Bank of China debit card (newly opened) and real-name mobile phone number to the nearest bank of China branch.Step 2: Click module, click life module in the lower right corner.Step 3: Click the living payment function, please note that the upper left corner is positioned as Anshan.Step 4: Click the comprehensive payment function.Step 5: Choose Anshan Medical insurance.Step 6: Input personal information, id card type please select, and input the correct ID number, click select bank card to select the bank of China card to pay, click query.Step 7: Check the payment information, check the id type, personal information, amount to be paid, payment card number, and click next after checking.Step 8: Click “Pay now”, obtain the verification code and input it correctly, that is, the payment is successful.If you need to keep the proof of payment, you can directly capture the screen and save it.Source: Anshan All Media