Yibin Archives strengthens the life-cycle management of data resources through “linkage of four networks”

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Under the background of the implementation of the national big data strategy, Yibin Archives has taken the trend, grasped the development direction of the digitalization of archives management, and strengthened the safety management of the whole life cycle of archive data “generation, collection, storage, storage and utilization”.One is to weave a “collection network” of dense data resources.Establish a long-term mechanism for receiving and collecting archives, strengthen the standard arrangement and survey work before receiving archives, strengthen the collection of major events, emergencies, local characteristics of archival data resources and red archives resources, realize the collection of archival data receivable, enrich the collection of data resources;We will carry out full-text digitalization of paper archives in our collections with high standards, and supervise the whole process from the aspects of “system, security, confidentiality, quality and connection” to ensure the authenticity and security of data.Up to now, more than 23 million pages of paper archives have been digitized, with a data volume of about 23TB, and the digitalization rate of collection archives has reached more than 85%.Second, we need to strengthen the “protection net” of data supervision.The integrated control system of archive warehouse is set up to realize constant temperature and humidity, air purification, water leakage monitoring, access control, etc., and real-time monitoring of archive data resources preservation and protection of the environment;Carry out regular equipment inspection of the central computer room, focusing on the operation of servers, storage, air conditioning, uninterruptable power supply and other equipment, establish the inspection standing book, continuously promote the security monitoring of data resources, create an external environment suitable for data storage, and build a comprehensive defense system of human, physical and technical defense.Third, strengthen the “safety net” of data storage.Data resources are stored in a common format, and there are multiple sets of backup data such as server storage, Blu-ray disc and mobile hard disk. In addition, xiangyang City Archives has partnered with xiangyang City Archives to carry out remote backup of important files to avoid the risks of major disasters and emergencies on archive data.Carry out security tests on backup data carriers and remote backup data carriers generated by digitalization achievements of collection archives, with emphasis on checking the readability and integrity of data, and timely backup and duplicate data carriers that do not meet the requirements to ensure the safety and integrity of data.Fourth, expand the “service network” of data utilization.Relying on archival data resources, it builds a service platform for archival data utilization, carries out various forms of archival data utilization services such as calls, letters and cross-library services, and improves its service ability for the people.Relying on the portal website and wechat public platform, create “Yibin Memory” VR roaming, online exhibition hall and other scene display, make the archive data “live”, provide users with immersive experience;Yibin archive Culture column was launched. Books such as Cultural and Educational Institutions in Yibin during the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression were developed to make full use of the value of data resources.Contribute archival wisdom to serve people’s livelihood and social development.Yibin City Archives statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com