Subway qr code turns red?Shanghai Metro responded that it had restored the color to the original version for the festive atmosphere

2022-07-23 0 By

This morning, some netizens said that the QR code of Shanghai subway “turned red”. What is this?Will it affect travel?”I’m not the only one who gets scared when I see a red code on the subway…”At 8:16 this morning, Mr. Zhang, a citizen, found that his qr code had turned red when he took the subway.Woke up in a flash…””Will the subway code turn red during the Spring Festival?” another netizen asked on Shanghai Metro’s official Weibo account.this Shanghai Metro has carried on the response to the left at noon today left left “dear passengers, to welcome the coming year of the tiger, traditional festival festival atmosphere, Metro city for the New Year on January 30, Chinese red theme qr code to carry out the pilot work online, and on the same day at 10 restore to the original version of the color, the inconvenience is deeply sorry about this.”The reporter login Metro Metropolitan App to see the current qr code has been restored to black original color source: integrated reporter: Liu Hui editor: Dong Juncheng, Shirely review: Bian Yinghao