Feelings on both sides of the Taiwan | Shanghai successfully treated China Taiwan blue cross brain hospital patients with cerebral hemorrhage

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Cross-strait one family, Taiwan compatriots brotherly affection!On the eve of the Spring Festival, Pan Renlong, director of Neurosurgery ward 6B, received a special “gift” from Taiwan.Mr. Wu from Taiwan gave this gift to Director Pan and all the medical staff of Blue Cross before he was discharged from hospital. It is a recognition of their medical ethics and a way to express the gratitude of Mr. Wu and his family.▲ On the occasion of leaving the hospital, Taiwan compatriots Mr. Wu sent jinqi sudden cerebral hemorrhage to find a good doctor Mr. And Mrs. Wu in Suzhou, a Taiwan enterprise as an executive, life was calm and serene, although from time to time busy, but the day is more substantial.However, in life you never know which will come first, the unexpected or tomorrow.On the evening of October 19, 2021, Mr. Wu, who was doing housework, suddenly appeared weakness of the right limbs, accompanied by impaired speech.He was rushed to a local hospital in Suzhou for examination, and head CT showed that the left temporo-parietal lobe hemorrhage broke into the ventricle.After complete examination and elimination of contraindications, “removal of intracranial hematoma + decompression of bone flap” was performed in a local hospital.The operation took more than five hours, Ms. Wu recalled.She waited outside the operating room until the early hours of the next morning.Although Mr. Wu’s life was saved due to timely rescue, he developed fever and diabetes insipidus successively during the supportive treatment after surgery.Ten days after admission, chest CT examination found serious double lung infection, so I had no choice but to be transferred to ICU.On Nov. 2, Wu underwent a tracheotomy to improve his infection and suffered heart and kidney failure.As his condition worsened, Mr. Wu’s family decided to transfer to another hospital after consultation, in order to seek better treatment.Recommended by a friend, he was finally transferred to Shanghai Blue Cross Brain Hospital on December 24, where he was admitted to Neurosurgery ward 6B.After being admitted to hospital, Director Pan Renlong conducted a comprehensive examination and detailed understanding of Mr. Wu’s condition.His GCS(Glasgow Coma Index) score was 11. There were bone window and old surgical scar in the left temporal area, with general healing and residual blood scab. The bone window pressure was moderate, and the trachea was in the state of tracheotomy.Bilateral pupils are large and round, with a diameter of about 2.0mm. They are sensitive to light, without nystagmus, and have good eye movement in all directions.Tongue extension, mouth opening, gills drum, blowing action is not coordinated, both lungs breathing sound rough, right limb muscle strength level 1, left limb muscle strength level 4, muscle tension is slightly higher, bilateral Babbitt sign is not elicits.In addition, Wu has a history of hypertension for 15 years and has been taking medication regularly.▲ Director Pan Renlong, Dr. Wu Zhiqun analysis of the patient’s condition, director Pan Renlong said that lung infection is the most common complication of cerebral hemorrhage patients, is the key factor affecting the prognosis of cerebral hemorrhage.Most patients with intracerebral hemorrhage are in critical condition. Once complicated with infection control, it will have a serious impact on the prognosis.Lung infections cause breathing difficulties, hypoxemia and acid-base imbalance.Hypoxemia can cause cerebral vascular automatic regulation dysfunction, resulting in reduced cerebral blood flow, aggravating symptoms;Acid-base imbalance can aggravate the metabolism disorder of nerve cells, so that brain edema aggravates.The joint action of the two can cause damage to the function of all organ systems.Therefore, it is very important to improve the prognosis of patients with cerebral hemorrhage and actively prevent and treat pulmonary infection.In view of Mr. Wu’s serious illness, Director Pan team developed a perfect and thorough treatment plan: closely monitoring the changes in its condition, for its nutritional nerve, stomach and other symptomatic treatment;Anti-infection treatment was given for lung infection, and nursing staff were told to care carefully, regular sputum suction and back buckle.At the same time, also convened rehabilitation medicine, traditional Chinese medicine joint consultation, in order to better help Mr. Wu limb function recovery.”JCI Hospital is different. Every morning, the doctors make ward rounds and ask about the condition in detail. The nurses regularly suck sputum and roll over and pat their backs.”Mrs. Wu said.Only a week, sputum slowly go down, also do not cough.Mrs. Wu, who was smiling as the team was making rounds, could not help saying that her husband’s gradual recovery was due to the joint efforts and hard work of the doctors, nurses and nurses.Careful treatment, caring care, amiable attitude, really like family.Especially Director Pan Renlong, always full of patience, full of confidence, always in the first time every happy condition improvement to the family, positive and sunshine into the dark heart of the family.Under the meticulous treatment and care of 6B medical team for more than a month, Mr. Wu’s condition is getting better day by day.The wu family is very happy and grateful that their lung infection is under control, they can speak normally, eat normally and even sit up.With the recovery of Mr. Wu’s condition, he could have been discharged smoothly.But there is still a “worry”, like a thick stone on Mrs. Wu’s heart, that is – skull defect.Before he was transferred to Blue Cross Brain Hospital, Due to the treatment needs, Mr. Wu underwent bone flap decompression in another hospital, and his left bone flap defect was about 10cm in size.Mrs. Wu knew that the skull defect affected her husband very much. Whenever he moved or coughed, the defect would move.It also makes people feel insecure in daily life, affects their appearance and worries about possible complications.Together, the couple decided to complete skull repair before leaving the hospital, so as to be completely at ease, once and for all.Pan Renlong director also very agree with Mr. Wu couple’s decision.From the perspective of clinical medicine, he said that when the defect was over 3cm in diameter, especially in the frontal part, it would not only affect the appearance of the patient, but also seriously harm the physical and mental health of the patient, requiring timely cranial repair.The 6B medical team performed skull repair for Mr. Wu. After careful evaluation, the medical team led by Director Pan Renlong and Dr. Wu Zhiqun successfully carried out skull repair for Mr. Wu on January 17.After 10 days of recovery, Mr. Wu has been discharged from hospital.