Watch the Spring Festival Gala, open jingdong APP shake can divide 1.5 billion red envelope good things, what are waiting for!

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Jd 2022 Year of the Tiger and Spring evening joint red envelopes and good things!And do not want to “set blessing”, just need to open CCTV at 8 PM on January 31 to watch the live broadcast of the Spring Festival Gala, at the same time ready to jingdong APP, ready to enter the password to grab the red envelope at any time!Jingdong in order to let everyone really enjoy the “benefits”, prepared 1.5 billion red envelope good things, shake to seize every opportunity, you can get cash red envelope and even super practical TV, smart phones, even cars and so on!So office workers, men, women and children who want to “get something for nothing” or “get rich overnight” are waiting for nothing!During the 2-hour Spring Festival Gala on January 31, 2022, there will be seven rounds of “shake” opportunities, followed by various opportunities to grab good things in red envelopes, such as “beating drums to welcome spring” and “sharing friends”.In addition, until February 15, the period will continue to release a variety of benefits, so do not grab the Spring Festival Gala red envelope after the JD APP uninstall!Stick to the end, maybe you can really “suddenly rich”.First of all, download and log in to the JINGdong APP, without jingdong APP account, you can not watch the Spring Festival Gala to get more red envelope good things, divide 1.5 billion.Secondly, we need to use “Zhannianbeast” to make an appointment and get a red envelope when we are ready for jingdong APP.Moreover, for the first time, the newcomers to JINGdong can directly obtain a free coupon or a variety of benefits when shopping on JINGdong APP.It is recommended to consume it before 8 o ‘clock on New Year’s Eve, otherwise the subsequent consumption of full discount or discount coupons may coincide with the “first shopping discount” and cannot enjoy the “second discount”.Next, know that in addition to “shake it”, there are “beat the drum to welcome spring” games and games that share friends for more opportunities.Usually, we now get the password in the host’s mouth, and then log in the JINGdong APP with a mobile phone, enter the corresponding password in the search bar, and then shake to get the red envelope good things, and then pop out of the spring drumming mini game, at this time we can enjoy two “lucky draw opportunities” after opening.And after the two unconditional lottery opportunities, if you still want to have more opportunities to get super practical TV, mobile phone and other things well even more red envelopes of cash, etc., can choose to share with friends and family around it, so wait until after their friends click can get an equal number of opportunities to draw, draw every time get all sorts of things have a chance.But keep raffling, keep raffling, so that you have a higher chance of actually getting what you want!Of course, they may share with their friends, and their friends may help them, but they may also help others to get the links of JINGdong activities shared by others. In this way, maybe the family or friendship between them can be further improved or become harmonious.Finally, many people often joke that they have nothing to say to others in the “circle”. Jingdong and Chunwan’s joint gift-giving activity provides us with a “conversation topic”.And you, do you feel that way?