“Reunion” | “late” reunion of more than 30 years

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There is a kind of love called waiting and a kind of expectation called reunion. 38 years is a long time for a person, but for a family, it is full of suffering and expectation.February 14, Jingyuan County Jingheyuan town staged the human to the warm warmth of the story.A pair of mother and child tightly embrace together, 38 years of separation of flesh and blood, 38 years of continuous search, now, they are in a long separation of the hug circle 38 years in the dream of reunion.In 1984, li mou, an 11-year-old deaf-mute from a poor family, set foot on the road of working to support his family.As a young migrant worker, Li was unable to contact his family by phone due to language barriers and hearing loss.Since then, Li can only rely on collecting garbage for a living all the way to Guangzhou, Li this wandering is thirty-eight years.After that, Lee’s family searched everywhere, but it was like looking for a needle in a haystack.”For so many years, we went to the police station several times a year to find out the whereabouts of our son and check his household registration information. We held all hopes to find our lost son, hoping to hear from him all of a sudden, but to no avail.My wife was always worried about her son before she died. We must try our best to find him…….”My mother cried as she spoke.”He got his ID before he left and took a one-inch black and white photo.”Over the years, LAN mou always son of this photo with the body, every once in a while, to the district police station took out the photo to the police tell the feelings of missing his son, let the police station query whether there is a son’s news.Looking at the expectation of her son in the old man’s eyes, the jing Heyuan police could only comfort her, saying, “Don’t worry, now that science and technology information is so advanced, people will certainly find it.”In January 2022, when the “Reunion” operation of the Ministry of Public Security was in progress and achieved significant results, the liaison police of the “Reunion” operation of jingyuan County Public Security Bureau received a message from a volunteer seeking relatives in Guangzhou:”There is a deaf mute in Guangzhou who has been wandering for more than 20 years. He can only identify jingyuan County, Guyuan City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region by memory on the map. The missing person surnamed Li is suspected to be in Jingheyuan Town, Jingyuan County.After receiving the information, jingyuan County Public Security Bureau criminal investigation brigade police quickly and Jingheyuan police station contact, police station according to the information provided by volunteers in Guangzhou to find the jurisdiction li Mou.After verification, Li mou said that his brother Li mou department deaf mute, more than 30 years ago to go out to work, has not been heard from.Get clues dynamic comparison to spread good tidings outside the wandering Li mou rely on collecting garbage for a living, but he never gave up the dream of going home, only rely on childhood memory to find the way home.Over the years, he has been uploading personal photos and information through “baby home” and “China looking for relatives network” platforms and other dating websites. In January 2022, Li’s information was gradually compared by volunteers of guangzhou looking for relatives website……Received after guangzhou investigation information, jingyuan county public security bureau to act quickly and timely deliver the folk-rock, li mou DNA identification, li mou with lost people do by yinchuan bureau of public security material evidence identification is the material evidence identification and evalution of the municipal public security bureau police identification, lost to li mou with folk-rock accord with single genetic relationship, and the area is derived from the same father.”Yes, it’s him, he’s my son,” LAN said excitedly after the police compared the information with Li’s family.After a long journey of a week, On February 14, 2022, Li finally arrived at his hometown on the map from Guangzhou. After nucleic acid testing, Li saw his relatives he had not seen for 38 years.That afternoon, Li’s family and the whole village villagers in Jingyuan County Jingheyuan Town Nanzhuang village to meet Li home.A warm face, childhood familiar living environment, so that Li mou tightly hold the mother’s hand does not put, although Li mou can not use language to express his inner excitement, but the tears, rely on the mother side look enough to express his inner excitement……Police continued affection, so that all thoughts are no longer distant in the scene, Li’s mother LAN mou and jingheyuan town Nanzhuang village party branch secretary personally will be two banners handed in the hands of the police, for many years has insisted on looking for and provide help to the police to express gratitude.Mother LAN said excitedly: “so many years whenever I think of my son, I am anxious to sleep, thank the people’s police, thank the government and people from all walks of life to help, let me finally see my son, let our family finally reunited!”JingHeYuan police station, li mou for lost deaf is determined in advance to prepare the area of household register material submitted for examination and approval, on February 14th, li mou back to the household registration and dealt with the booklet of registered residence, make li mou on the way home in the first place to enjoy the favorable policies of the government, peace of mind to stay at home, stay with mother was prevented.Since the national public security organs carried out the “reunion” action, Jingyuan County public Security Bureau has taken the “reunion” action as an important part of the practice of “I do practical things for the masses”, and actively responded to the new expectations and requirements of the people, so that the people truly feel “visible peace and tangible happiness”.Human closest relatives are “family” in the world to warm for “reunion” reunion, never stopped the action, is still continuing (source/Ping Jing Source)