Make sure you leave!Bayern Munich star close to move to Real Madrid!Or sign 60 million euro attackers

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So far this season, Bayern have played in line with expectations.In the league, the team has won 17 of 21 games, with a winning percentage of 81%, which is among the best in the top five leagues.In the other four games, their record is 1 draw and 3 losses.At the top of the league, Nagelsmann’s side have 52 points and are close to double figures ahead of their nearest rivals.This advantage has almost certainly helped Bayern book the league title this season.And in the Champions League, from the strength of the team and tournament experience analysis, Bayern is one of the few teams most likely to win the trophy.In terms of the squad, their paper strength is unquestionably top class, regardless of injuries.Even in the absence of gretzka, Neuer, Alfonso Davis and other key players due to injury, Bayern can still step alone in the Bundesliga.If bayern had to look for a weak spot, the renewal of many key players should be the most difficult problem facing the team.The first is the main central defender Poly.With the team to renew the progress of the situation is not smooth, the outside world on the transfer of The team had been expected to leave.But to everyone’s surprise, the tall central defender has opted for a move to bayern’s direct rivals.It was a bit of a disappointment on the team side.However, for Bayern, jule this season’s play can only be regarded as the norm.His weight, slow movement and slow turn have been affecting the quality of the team’s defense.Therefore, the departure of Juler could be a blessing in disguise for Bayern if they had been able to sign a better central defender.From the team’s centre-back position of the existing players, in addition to Juler, Lucas Hernandez, Upamecano are the team’s two main centre-backs.Young cuassi hasn’t played much this season, totaling 172 minutes.Given this setup, the three centre-backs will not be able to cope with a long season in a regular 4-231, let alone a 3-3-343, without the departure of Johan Miller next season.Therefore, Bayern have been in the market for a suitable central defender.Sources say schlotbeck, who plays for freiburg, is on nagelsmann’s radar.At 1.91 metres tall, the 22-year-old has the highest rating per game in the league this season.He is on the market for just 20 million euros and even with the premium factor it would be a good move for Bayern.At right-back, Pawar’s form seems to be showing signs of decline.And paval has more than once expressed his desire to play at centre-back as opposed to right-back.This, combined with the fact that his contract extension is not going well and Bayern Munich are not saying yes or no to his salary demands, has created some uncertainty about his future.As a reserve at right-back, Sal never proved himself capable of holding down a place in the team.Even so, Sal refused to leave the team.According to Sports Picture, Nagelsmann are impressed by Portugal international Canselo and are interested in signing him.One of the most capable wide attackers in European football, Cansello has netted three goals and 10 assists in all competitions this season and is worth 60 million euros.Bayern have a lot of work to do to succeed.In the front line, Bayern have two main players have yet to finalise the contract extension, respectively gnaburi and Lewandowski.Gnaburi, 27, has scored 17 goals and seven assists in 40 games in all competitions this season and is one of the most competitive wingers in the top five leagues.He has more than a year left on his contract and wants to match Kingsley Koeman, who earns more than 15 million euros a year.However, Bayern are not going to match Gnaburi’s demands.If the deal is not completed by the end of the season, bayern could opt to sell him in the next transfer window to avoid the embarrassment of leaving the club on a free transfer.While there is still hope of an agreement on a New Deal for Gnaburi, lewandowski’s journey at Bayern seems to have entered the countdown.Lewandowski, 33, shows no signs of slowing down this season, scoring 46 goals in all competitions and making seven assists for his team-mates.According to as, Bayern are almost certain to drop levan, who is expected to earn more than his 24 million euro salary.Lewandowski has also made up his mind that he will leave bayern at the end of the season after learning of bayern’s attitude.Real Madrid are understood to have made Lewandowski their top target as they have doubts about signing Harland.Lewan is also interested in a move to Real Madrid.The striker is close to a move to real Madrid with both sides keen to push for a move.(Pictures from the network, if any infringement, please contact to delete)