Huaihua New Huang: gather “her” strength women in action

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“Please get out of the vehicle and scan the location code”.In recent days, liang Umbrella town cadres Sun Sai nan took a small horn in the village of thousands of family list epidemic prevention and control health service points to remind the past vehicles.Liangparasan town is located in the southwest of our county, bordering 7 towns and townships (streets) in Guizhou.The health service point for epidemic prevention and control in the border area of Hunan and Guizhou is an important gateway for the county to prevent imported cases. During the Qingming Festival, there is a large flow of people, and the pressure of epidemic prevention and control suddenly increases.For epidemic prevention and control headquarters arrangement, the full implementation of county town of cool umbrella’s new era civilization practice organizations at all levels of women’s federation cadres, party members, students a total of more than 220 people volunteer team, smell and dynamic, proactive, partial grouping service points to two town, 167 village service point for epidemic prevention and control, forest fire prevention, civilization propaganda work.People returning to their hometowns for ancestor worship are strictly required to scan the site code and register with their real names, and to publicize new customs of civilized ancestor worship.It is understood that during the Qingming Festival, liangumbrella town female volunteer team served more than 800 people, persuaded more than 500 people to worship civilization, issued more than 800 copies of forest fire leaflets.The volunteers have demonstrated the courage and responsibility of epidemic prevention and control with their actions and love, demonstrated the charm of women in the new era with enthusiasm, demonstrated the power of “half the sky”, and become the most beautiful scenery in the battle against the epidemic.Next, they will continue to practice volunteers with practical action and as, during the special defense, female volunteers will never be absent, strictly in accordance with the arrangements of the town Party committee and government deployment, strictly from the fact to detail implementation of good measures, in each work to contribute “her” strength.(Huang Ling, Yang Manda) [Editor: Lou Xinyue][Source: Xinhuang Rong Media Center]