Do you love the pink fox?How to cultivate this girl?

2022-07-22 0 By

The original god eight heavy god son officially online, players on this “pink fox” is also full of attention, her holy relic entry attributes and skills how to choose?How are yaejo children trained?Xiaobian has some god son training recommendations, I do not know whether we recognize?The original god eight heavy god child cultivation recommendation form recommendation: biased to background output play, thunder element coverage is high, suitable for offhand genre derivative branch play.Yaega Main Word Bar Recommendation: Sand of Time: Attack bonus/Elemental Mastery Empty Cup: Thunder Damage bonus/Attack bonus Crown of Reason: Crit Bonus/Burst Damage Bonus Adverb Bar: Double Blast bonus/Attack bonus/Elemental Recharge Yaega Talent Points Recommendation:Initial (general attack 1 element combat skills 1 element burst 1)1 1 1→1 6 6→3 8 8 is basically like this, we can communicate about the training program of god son, see who is the most demon!(U1S1 this little pink fox is so cute)