An ordinary office worker’s English learning daily, simple and practical to share with you!

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It’s not easy to master a language, especially English, which is really in demand in the workplace!Fluent English is still a big plus, not only in foreign companies, but even in private ones.Many people enter the society because English is not good everywhere, so have to pick up English!First, on the way to and from work in the morning and evening, listen to VOA Special English for a month to practice listening, only listen to one piece of material every day, do not understand the content of the repeat listen until you understand.Unfamiliar phrases also want to find out their own queries, slow to listen to the same time began to change the standard speed, learning must be gradual, do not feel slow, slowly and steadily, to the back will be more smooth!(materials can be downloaded in put English websites) 2, home after 30 minutes of business English reading under the condition of normal not to work overtime, how also get home at 8 o ‘clock, tidy up after I get home, and then read half an hour on the business English, you can go to buy a bilingual business English teaching materials, online electronic is not convenient, really want to learn English well doesn’t care spending so little money!For their daily material requirements do not need to greedy, can maintain an average of 10-15 sentences a day can, but must insist, and the next day also want to review the content of the previous day!It’s a habit to keep up.Three, before going to bed with foreign teachers to practice speaking for 30 minutes read content if you practice will soon forget, so learning and practice is also a mandatory requirement of Learning English.Because most office workers are busy at work, I would recommend online live courses. You can find live classes of oral English teachers and practice with her for 30 minutes every day, or take oral English classes 2-3 times a week. This kind of courses are basically very flexible and suitable for office workers.Watch a Classic Movie on Weekends Classic foreign movies are essential for learning spoken English!It’s the classic movies that make you want to repeat them, like Leo’s Shutter Island and Tom Hanks’ Life Is Like a Box of chocolate, you never know what You are gonna get,It’s a classic line.If English is a building, then words are bricks, need to accumulate over a long period of time, office workers have limited learning time, so all learning plans should be made around practical, efficient!Therefore, it is not recommended that you memorize the words at the beginning. You can check the information when you meet new words in the process of listening practice, practicing with foreign teachers and watching movies.What’s more, we can make PPT of the frequently used words in daily work, and then spend half an hour every day to memorize 10 words, and it will take 1-2 months to complete the precipitation of basic vocabulary.At the same time, you can carry out self-examination every other week to strengthen and consolidate the words that you have not remembered, and focus on the examination in the next self-examination, so that the learning efficiency will be higher regularly.Most importantly, of course, you must persevere.I have a friend who never learned English well when he was a student, and almost always passed the pass mark in every English exam.But she later went abroad to study, where she was immersed in more than two years of communication with foreigners without any obstacles, pronunciation is very authentic.This is the influence of the environment on people, English at Work is the same.Foreigners understand very well, even if they only get the key 3-4 words right in a sentence, even if there are lots of grammatical mistakes, even if the pronunciation is not standard enough, they rely on!However!Listen!Have to!Understand!This is because foreigners do not listen to English word by word, but sentence by sentence, combined with the context to understand.In the workplace, no matter how well you write English, it will be useless if you can’t say it to foreigners.Bad English, not skilled does not matter, still want to say to practice;If your pronunciation is not correct or you do not understand the situation, dare to self-ridicule, dare to express yourself with body language is also key!So don’t be afraid of stumbling and stumbling. If you speak English without fear, foreigners won’t mind even if the grammar is wrong and the pronunciation is wrong. Speaking and practicing more is the most effective way to improve your oral English!