Shenzhen’s financial industry last year achieved tax revenue of 166.2 billion yuan!The highest reward is 50 million yuan, attracting financial enterprises to settle down

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On April 7, Time Weekly learned from the Local Financial Supervision Bureau of Shenzhen that the bureau issued several measures to support the development of Financial Enterprises in Shenzhen to expand the coverage of financial support policies.At the same time, several Measures to Support the Development of Fintech in Shenzhen were issued to fill the policy gap in the field of fintech in Shenzhen, and to support the listing and financing of high-quality fintech enterprises.In 2021, the added value of shenzhen’s financial industry was 473.88 billion yuan, accounting for 15.4% of GDP.Its tax revenue reached 166.2 billion yuan, accounting for 24% of the city’s total tax revenue. It continues to take the first place in all industries, and its pillar industry status is becoming more prominent.Local financial supervision and administration of shenzhen jie told a news conference on April 7, the revision of the shenzhen financial support measures, the development of the enterprise, mainly focused on the support of financial enterprises, further and further extend the policy coverage, and the newly added for independent fund sales institutions, insurance companies, Internet business center, local financial organizations such as the support of the policy.At the same time, corresponding policies and measures should be adjusted according to the current development status of the financial industry to further enhance operability and strengthen punishment for dishonesty.Specifically, several Measures of Shenzhen to Support the Development of Financial Enterprises put forward that shenzhen should vigorously develop the financial headquarters economy, increase policy subsidies and support, and attract financial enterprises to settle in Shenzhen.Bring securities asset management companies and important financial infrastructure into the headquarters of financial enterprises, and give up to 50 million yuan one-time settlement reward and other supporting policies;Give independent fund sales institutions up to RMB 5 million one-time settlement award and other support policies;Expand the scope of policy support for local financial enterprises from only two types of business to all types of business, and give up to 10 million yuan as a capital increase reward;The national Internet business center of insurance enterprises will be included in the scope of support, and a one-time reward of 1 million yuan will be given.By the end of 2021, 55 insurance branches under the Shenzhen Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau had launched online insurance businesses, with a combined premium income of 7.7 billion yuan, 2.2 times that of 2019, according to Fan Junning, a member of the Party Committee and deputy director of the Bureau.In the newly revised Measures of Shenzhen to Support the Development of Financial Enterprises, incentives for insurance enterprises to settle down in the Internet business center are added, which is conducive to further promoting the high-quality development of Internet insurance business.Fan Junning said that in the next step, Shenzhen Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau will support the digital transformation of insurance institutions, encourage insurance institutions to use scientific and technological means to update and transform the traditional insurance operation process, and improve the digital, online and intelligent construction level.We will urge insurance institutions to carry out Internet business in strict compliance with the law, continue to improve sales management and customer service, and strengthen data security and consumer information protection.FinTech, a product of the integration of finance and technology, has become the commanding height and main battlefield of global financial innovation and competition. Shenzhen is also vigorously supporting the development of FinTech.In the latest GFCI global Financial Centers Index, Shenzhen’s fintech sub-category ranks sixth in the world.The “14th Five-year Plan for The High-quality Development of Shenzhen’s Financial industry” also clearly states that Shenzhen should be built into a global fintech center.The introduction of Measures to Support the Development of Fintech in Shenzhen fills the gap of fintech policies at the municipal level of Shenzhen.What attracts much attention from the market is that Shenzhen attracts fintech companies to settle in shenzhen through high subsidies.A one-time residency award of up to 20 million yuan will be granted to key fintech projects, institutions, infrastructure and platforms;Support high-quality fintech companies to go public and raise capital;Support fintech enterprises to expand financing channels through bond issuance and asset securitization;Support the application for the recognition of headquarters enterprises, and give the award of settlement, contribution award, rental and purchase subsidies.Feng Zixing, deputy governor of the Shenzhen Central Sub-branch of the People’s Bank of China, said that in April 2020, Shenzhen officially launched the pilot supervision of financial technology innovation by the People’s Bank of China.Up to now, shenzhen has launched two batches of eight innovative fintech applications, covering emerging information technologies such as blockchain, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and trusted execution environment, and financial application scenarios such as “payment, credit financing, credit investigation, supply chain finance and cross-border RMB collection”.In addition, in February this year, the first cross-border innovation test application was publicized in Shenzhen, which is of great significance in the exploration and research of cross-border data compliance.Measures of Shenzhen to Support the Development of Fintech also proposed that shenzhen Fintech Research Institute and other carriers, actively docking with the People’s Bank of China, deepen the RESEARCH and development of digital RMB application and international cooperation.Attract major infrastructure related to digital RMB to land in Shenzhen and cultivate digital RMB industrial ecology;Actively encourage the integrated application of smart contract technology in the field of digital RMB, take the lead in building a public platform of smart contract based on digital RMB, serve the full application of digital RMB, and create a new form of business circulation.”We encourage financial institutions and technology companies to carry out fintech innovation through fintech innovation regulatory tools, and use technology to break the bottleneck of financial development, innovate financial products, redesign business processes, and improve the quality of financial services.At the same time, we will continue to steadily and orderly advance regulatory cooperation on fintech innovation in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and provide cross-border fintech innovation testing services to inject new impetus into the high-quality development of finance in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.”Feng zixing said.He Jie pointed out that the next steps will be based on a number of measures to formulate operational guidelines, international first-class standards, fintech development plans, create a number of dislocation complementary synergistic development of functional clusters, through fintech to inject strong financial momentum into the real economy.