Mianxian to participate in the city’s “double recruitment double citation” and style of work capacity building annual mobilization meeting

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On February 7, our county in the venue for the city’s “double double guide” and the style of capacity building in pep rally, meeting thoroughly study and apply xi jinping, general secretary of the construction of style of the important instructions instructions and to examine important speech and shaanxi important instructions and earnestly implement the deployment requirements, the provincial party committee and government, the summary in 2021 “double double guide” style of work, deployment in capacity building activities.Deputy secretary of the county Party Committee, acting county head Luo Guocai, county CPPCC Chairman Li Jianfei, county people’s Congress Standing Committee secretary of the Party group, deputy director Wang Cuihong and at home county leaders, departments, town (do) responsible comrades attended the meeting.At the meeting, the advanced collectives and outstanding individuals with outstanding performance in 2021 investment attraction, national Health review, expansion of effective investment and key project construction, scientific and technological innovation, “four reform, one demolition, one implementation” and other key work were commended.The past year of 2021 has been extremely unusual and special.This year, we solemnly celebrated the centenary of the Party, completed the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects as scheduled, and sounded a new horn marching towards the second centenary goal.In the past year, we carried forward the great spirit of party building and withstood the severe test of the pandemic and the flood rarely seen in history. With concerted efforts, we accomplished many major tasks that laid the foundation and delivered long-term benefits, and accomplished a number of practical tasks that are of great concern to the people and society.This year, we overfulfilled provincial examination targets, fully fulfilled development targets, and basically fulfilled targets for advancing work.At the same time, the city’s various industries of good news, to hand over a bright report card.The meeting emphasized that speeding up the “double recruitment and double introduction” is a key move for the city to seize the policy opportunities and realize lane changing and overtaking, as well as the core support for making up the weak points and speeding up the construction of regional central cities.To figure out the problem of “what to recruit”, keep a close eye on the target recruit, recruit around the industry, focus on the leading recruit, and strive to achieve new breakthroughs in the extension of the chain to complement the chain, recruit green lead green, lead new lead special.We need to understand the problem of “how to recruit”, and quickly launch the “double recruitment and double introduction” strategy of hard work, competition, ruthlessly, fast, accurate and full. We need to build a sound platform for investment promotion, deepen opening-up and cooperation, pool talents from all sides, and improve the business environment, so as to ensure that all people are better off than others, and all people are better off than others.To solve the problem of “who will recruit”, the leading party and government officials in each county (district) should devote no less than one-third of their energy, the leading party and government officials in the industrial park should devote their energy, and the investment promotion branch should devote all its energy to attracting investment.We will organize professional cadres who know the industry, policies, negotiations and coordination, and set up 16 investment promotion teams around 16 key industrial chains to carry out work.Meeting pointed out that in recent years, we a year a theme stresses the attitude construction, cadre’s style of work ability improved significantly in the city, the clerkstarts atmosphere more strong, but the problem of “four winds” in the new situation to new forms, stealth variation, the hidden trouble of the rebound damping is nots allow to ignore, comprehensive governing party always on the road, style of ability construction without rest.The plan of the Municipal Party Committee to carry out the activity of “Style capacity Building year” is a concrete action to carry forward the great spirit of party building and use the historical experience of the Party’s century-long struggle. It is an urgent need to speed up the construction of regional central cities and write a new chapter of high-quality development. It is an important starting point to improve the cadre’s ability and forge a strong Hanzhong iron army.The whole city should turn inward and reform itself, and provide a strong guarantee for the high-quality development of Hanzhong with the construction of work style and capacity.The meeting stressed that style of work and ability are mutually outside and inside. Ability is guaranteed by style of work. With a good style of work, ability will naturally improve.All levels of the city should focus on the specific performance of the “four winds” such as “idle, lazy, slow, empty and coarse”, focusing on the political, reform and innovation, serving the people, maintaining security and stability, the implementation of the five aspects of the ability of the weak spot, take the case into consideration, draw from one example, strong rectification.We should focus on ideology, leading cadres and the public’s hot spots and key tasks to effectively improve our work style and capacity.At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen organizational leadership, strict supervision and assessment, adhere to rewards and punishments, create a strong atmosphere, and promote the breakthrough of “double recruitment and double introduction” by greatly improving the work style and ability.The meeting also called for a quick start, focusing on the overall requirements, main objectives and key tasks of the city’s economic and social development this year, with “double recruitment and double introduction” as the breakthrough, with first-class style and ability as the guarantee, with full spirit into the New Year’s work.To highlight the “double recruitment and double introduction”, accurately attract large projects, good projects, multiple measures to introduce all kinds of talent, focus on promoting the “West Hanrong” aviation industry belt and other key industries to extend the chain, complement the chain and strengthen the chain, and promote high-quality development to achieve new breakthroughs.We should adhere to the principle of working hard, strengthen the guidance of Party building, take the initiative to take responsibility, enhance professional competence, adhere to the front-line implementation, and effectively temper the excellent ability of the style.We need to focus on overall planning and ensure a good start to the first quarter, regular epidemic prevention and control, and social security and stability. We need to make coordinated efforts to evaluate and support the country’s achievements in poverty alleviation and prepare for the assessment of provincial and municipal targets and responsibilities, so as to get off to a good start this year.Photo and Text: Chang Jizuo (Xianrong Media Center)