In 2022, the tax preference for natural persons is listed at a glance. What are its advantages?

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Business is a process, and finance and taxation are results.Will there be any change in tax preferences for natural persons in 2022?So first of all, let’s look at the natural person’s substitution.Is a natural person must individuals acting invoice, individual to undertake business, the company remuneration payment to individual, the personal income, you will need to declare tax, the company also need the invoice as spending deduction vouchers, is a natural person must apply for acting invoice to party a in tax depression zone, in the use of check and ratify is collected collect tax, verification of the income tax of 0.5%, 1% VAT,The comprehensive tax burden is 1.5-2%, which can effectively reduce the tax burden pressure of enterprises.The discount that takes the place of natural person is a person to be able to enjoy the unique tax support, monthly can open 5 million, can open 50 million, remained high, in view of the industry is relatively small, the invoice is almost on the market types can be open to take, time of make out an invoice within three days of issue, make out an invoice is fast, after opening the invoice will issue tax payment receipts, so the whole process is completed.Can a different place apply for an agent?In fact, as long as it is at home, is our country nationality people, can apply for, because the individual is flowing, access is possible, money is only paid by the company to individuals, not escrow, security, the tax rate of 20% – 40% than the labor remuneration is much lower, can effectively reduce the tax burden on individual pressure, if personal undertake business outside,So you can do it in this way to solve the individual tax burden.To learn more about tax incentives, please check out The tax Bar.