Why do some women have more body hair than others?Where is body hair not suitable for shaving?

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Baidu encyclopedia on the body hair is described in this way: the hair on the body, collectively referred to as body hair, by keratin scale layer upon layer stack of components, part of the biological body hair replacement because of the season.Organisms have different body hair. Even the same species, the color and growth rate of body hair are not the same. The body hair of some organisms can keep warm, detect, indirectly trigger tactile receptors, camouflage and other functions.So why do some people have more body hair than others?It is well known that men generally have more body hair than women.Especially adolescent boys, due to androgen stimulation can lead to a rapid increase in body hair.However, for girls, too much body hair is really not a good thing, especially in summer, too much body hair in the dress of girls will have more or less inferiority tendency.So what causes women to have more body hair?1, endocrine factors: high androgen in the body will lead to more body hair in women.2. Heredity: The problem of body hair can be inherited. If the parents have more body hair, the children will have more body hair.Similarly, parents with less body hair are likely to have fewer children.3, some diseases: such as hirsutism, polycystic ovary syndrome and so on.So, can you shave off too much body hair?For women, it’s almost a yearly ritual.Especially: armpit hair, leg hair and other easily exposed parts.However, in terms of health, removing body hair at will is a very unhealthy behavior.Especially when you buy bottles and cans, who knows what’s in them.Body hair is equivalent to the “health guard” of the human body. If it is removed at will, it is equivalent to losing a protective barrier, which is not conducive to maintaining the health of the body. In addition, after body hair is removed, it will stimulate the pores to thicker the pores, and it is easy to grow many hairs in a hair follicle, which will make the body hair more vigorous.So, which body hair can be removed and which can’t?Eyebrows eyebrows long in the eyes above, is a natural barrier for the eyes, the eyes have a good protective effect, when the face sweat or rain, can block the sweat and rain, to prevent the flow into the eyes, stimulate the eyes, also can prevent the dust and foreign bodies fall down above the eyes.Too thin eyebrows can seriously affect a person’s sense of beauty.To this kind of female can use a few vitamin E, ginger wiper eyebrow, stimulate eyebrow to grow coarser.Of course, you can also use the eyebrow growth liquid sold on the market, can also promote the normal growth of eyebrows.Two, hair hair, refers to the rest of the human body in addition to the hair, beard quality soft hair.The function of hair in the human body is: when the human body is cold, retain the residual temperature in the body;When the human body is dry and hot, it helps to discharge sweat and cool down.For hair, first correct everyone a mistake: hair will not be shaved more.Frequent shaving is not recommended, however, as it only helps temporarily.And it makes hair grow faster.A better way is to take a laser permanent hair removal.Nose hair Nose hair is a special kind of hair, is a kind of tactile auxiliary receptor, growing in the nose, is the first line of defense for respiratory diseases.Nose hair keeps dust and bacteria out of the air, allowing the body to inhale clean, filtered air.The nose hair protects the olfactory nerve in the nasal cavity from being damaged. When insects, mosquitoes or other objects enter the nasal cavity, the nose hair can act as a barrier.Four, axillary hair axillary hair is growing in the armpit hair, belongs to the result of sexual development, with the gonad to produce sex hormones and growth.Armpit hair generally do not shave, there is the possibility of local affected, because after shaving armpit hair, the local cooling function will be affected, usually bacterial or fungal breeding will increase, may lead to local inflammatory changes, which will cause symptoms of redness or itching.Five, anal hair anal hair refers to the growth of hair around the anus, men and women have, and there are individual differences.In general, adult males have thicker anal hair than adult females.Anal hair is genetically linked to keeping the anus ventilated and preventing bacteria from entering the body through the anus, helping to block bacteria and prevent infection.Anal hair is not need to shave, this is because anal hair is long in and around the anus, belongs to a kind of human body hair, both men and women have, but male patients anal hair is usually thicker than women, and may be a piece of pubic hair, thigh hair.Well, this is the end of today’s sharing, if you also like, click like to follow me!