How dare challenge phoenix!Deserved to lose!Royal wind ling is a woman!

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Hello everyone, welcome to the world of Shin-sayo manga, I am today’s editor Shin-sayo.We all know it’s not worth dying for!Chinese idiom sǐ bu zu xī means it’s not enough to be sorry when you die.Yufengling really can’t eat stinky tofu!Challenge Ma Hongjun directly!Ma Hongjun is also angry!And use the third soul technology – Phoenix sky!That’s it! Windling, don’t fly out!Ma Hongjun said small sample, unexpectedly the challenge of phoenix, it is not worthy of death!Ha ha ha!The imperial wind pours to say on the ground, hate, you always bully somebody else!It turns out that O-feng Reen is actually a girl!Well, this issue of “continental Douluo” cartoon to here and everyone concluded, there are more wonderful funny stories will be shared with everyone one by one, remember to follow me, we see you next time!Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to little new comics can’t afford to lose!Don’t play!Royal wind ling retreat!He changed his name to “Handsome brother”!”Birdman” battle!Royal wind ling can’t stand stinky tofu!Ma Hongjun wins!