Dingtao: Research needs to do a good facility agriculture follow-up weather service

2022-07-19 0 By

Recently, Heze Dingtao District meteorological bureau organized technical personnel to Du Tang town facility agriculture fan park to carry out weather service research.Vegetable, fruit production and technical personnel practical investigation seedling breeding three bases, investigation of facilities agriculture of cold wind cold weather, the influence of insight into the farmers demand for facility agriculture meteorological services and advice, field and management personnel, farmers in communication, interpretation facilities greenhouses defense winds, low temperature, heavy rains and severe weather some feasible Suggestions.Next, the agency will try to developing meteorological service, facility agriculture the follow-through will park in time management and farmers into the early warning information release platform, major severe weather process of timely service and follow up research results, according to the requirements in a timely manner improve optimization service content and service mode, actively meteorological contribution for farmers to increase production.Responsible Editor: Z12