Dai Xudong: Yes, yes

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When I was young, I heard my father say that when he was studying in a private school in Ningbo, I saw a teacher beat a student’s hand with a ruler.My father also said that the old private school teachers not only taught students to read the four books and five Classics, but also taught students to pair.I first know the pair, is the primary school Chinese teacher told a story.One day, Shou Jingwu, a teacher of Sanwei Bookstore, made a strange pair. The top line was “Unicorn”.The students began to talk to each other: a two-headed snake, a three-legged toad, a six-eared monkey, an eight-legged worm, a nine-headed bird, and a hundred-legged worm. But Mr. Shou was not satisfied with any of them.Lu Xun kept silent, remembering the sentence in er Ya, so he answered the teacher: “Flounder.”Mr. Shou was very happy to hear this and praised him: “Good, good!’Du’ is not a numeral, but it has the meaning of ‘shan’.’Bi’ is not a numeral, but it means double.”In high school, my Chinese performance is not outstanding, but when the Chinese class representative.My homeroom teacher graduated from Fudan University. He and my mother used to be colleagues in Hefei No. 9 High School.I do not like his rigid and monotonous expression when teaching classical Chinese, his hoarse voice and serious style, did not let me feel the beauty of ancient poetry.I am still grateful to him for his efforts to improve my Chinese.My deskmate likes to pair, often copy the couplets on the newspaper interesting stories to me, I slowly can come up with the words of the pair, and enjoy it.One Spring Festival, my wife went back to her hometown.My daughter and I enjoyed our respective books after dinner.She read fairy tales, I read “ancient and modern classic couplets.”In the book, hangzhou Lingyin Temple in a pair of couplets with nearly a thousand years of history: “life can not be more satisfactory, everything but half gratified”, so my eyes lit up.The moon is full and deficient, the water is full and overflowing, “half gratified” is open-minded and cheerful is contentment.The word “half” is used brilliantly and intelligently.My daughter looked at my attentive expression and asked me what “couplets” were for.I told her that couplets, also known as couplets or couplets, pay attention to the antithesis, from people’s antithesis, can see the talent of high or low.For more than a thousand years, by the emperor, down to the people’s love and pursuit.To help my daughter get on the right path, I told her the story of two Lee brothers against one another.In the hot summer of the late Qing Dynasty, eight-year-old Li Hongzhang and his friends were playing in a pond when Mr. Zhou, a local scholar, happened to pass by.He saw the clothes hanging on the branches, mumbling: a thousand years old tree as a hanger.Li Hongzhang replied: The Yangtze River do swimming pool.Mr. Zhou was glad to see the boy’s extraordinary words and wanted to send him to a private school in advance.So, he volunteered to the child’s father Li Wen ‘an said, the child is very clever.So Li Wen ‘an called the two brothers Li Hanzhang and Li Hongzhang into the house to pair up.His father dialed the abacus with the books in his hand and casually said: with hundreds of gold, it is not easy to pay.Li Hongzhang said: thousands of flowers, endless colors.Li Hanzhang said nothing.Then, Li Wen ‘an and a top: the wind blows thousands of lines horsetail.Li Hanzhang on the next couplet: rain sprinkled sheepskin a fishy.Li Wen ‘an thought, the eldest son is right, but the taste is not good.After a while, Li Hongzhang said: Sunshine dragon scale ten thousand points of gold.At this point, my daughter interrupted, “Dad, Li Hongzhang has a good eye.”My daughter’s words surprised and delighted me. I hope she will be able to write well after she goes to school.After hearing my story about the couple, my daughter was raring to go.I told her to start with sentences.The first problem: red light.My voice did not fall, she said: zebra crossing to see the red light green;The second problem: strong.She said the boys in her class had a good racket.I said one out of ten, two out of ten.She looked at me defiantly. “Then make a sentence for me.”I said, you take medicine than eat vigorous, watching TV than reading vigorous.She fell silent and accepted my criticism silently.I tucked her in and revisited what she had said.Rejoice in the beauty of her young heart.The ancient couplets in the book: “meet people and say three words, can not throw a heart” “tiger painting skin difficult to draw bone, know people know the face do not know the heart” “human like paper thin, the world such as chess bureau new”…Many good sentences are right, rich in meaning, concise and short.The wisdom of these words is admirable.Yeah, it’s like two people with different life experiences, they have a spark, and you can always expect that spark to come.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com