Brief Introduction of Machang Houshao Distillery (I)

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Table of Contents 1, Immediately Hou Shao Wine workshop 2, Shanghai Immediately Hou Hotel situation 3, Hunan immediately Hou Hotel situation 4, Ma Shang hou wine culture immediately Hou Shao Wine workshop in Shaoxing production information is very few, as long as it is introduced in Shanghai immediately Hou hotel situation.There are about 2,030 wine shops in Shaoxing County, large and small, with a capital of less than 5,000 yuan, accounting for seven out of ten, more than 5,000 yuan, less than 2,000 yuan, about 2.8 out of ten, and the rest more than 10,000 yuan.At that time, there were yao Yuexing and Shen Yonghe in Shaoxing County, Hengchang in Mozhuang, Yuanyuan in Dongpu, Zhang Zhangji, MAO Dasheng, Zhang Dongming, Ye Wanyuan and Zhang Wanrun in Ruan, and Zhang Xinghao in Jiangtou. The fixed capital of these wineries was over 30,000 or 40,000 yuan.In addition to Yao Yuexing and Shen Yonghe, which are less than 1000 jars, hengchang, Yuanyuan, Zhang Zhangji, MAO Dasheng, Zhang Dongming, Ye Wanyuan, Zhang Wanrun and Zhang Xinghao, etc., produce between 1400 and 3000 jars each year.At that time, shaoxing big wine workshop, in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo and other places, each with distribution or sales office.Important wineries in Shaoxing County are listed in Table 2-8.Table 1 Important Wine distilleries in Shaoxing ii. Conditions of Jiahou Hotel in Shanghai ① Jiahou Wine Distilleries are rarely recorded in Shaoxing historical records, but there are some in Shanghai outside of The city, such as the fifth chapter of wine Business in Shanghai Non-staple Food Business:During the reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty, people from Shaoxing carried yellow rice wine from their own villages to Shanghai and set up shops to sell it. There were wine hotels along the Yangtze River and in the densely populated areas outside the east gate. The most famous shao hotels were Wang Hengyu and Wang Baohe..In addition to Wang Hengyu, Wang Baohe, the old Shanghai more famous hotels are Wang Yuhe, Yongjimei, Tongbaochun, Yan Maoyuan, Immediately hou, Feng Yutai, Zhang Yutai, Zhang Dongming, Zhang Yueming, Quan Xingkang and other hotels, mostly operating Shaoxing wine (yellow rice wine) mainly, both wholesale, retail and tang drinking.People’s Daily) Do you know where the maoyuan Hotel written by Lu Xun is?People’s Daily, April 02, 2018) ② Pubs near Fuzhou Road, Shanghai, 1911Hou hotel mecca lap 45, immediately Sun Ji and (fuzhou road no. 234), Jin Xiaozhen (fuzhou road no. 359), DE TaiChang (fuzhou road no. 140), with Po Thailand (fuzhou road no. 566), ZhangDongSheng (40 mai jia circle), hou (mai jia lap 45) immediately, wang (nanjing road no. 878), said shigeru garden (fuzhou road), great luck or blessing to (fuzhou road).As shown in figure 1.Taverns (quoted from Li Tiangang, Humanistic Shanghai Citizen’s Space, Shanghai Education Press,2004.06, p. 99) ③ Jianchou Hotel was opened earlier in Shanghai.The establishment of Gaochangxing Hotel in Shanghai for the two years of the Republic of China (1913) in Shanghai fuzhou Road 407 (near the ancient books bookstore) opened a restaurant, and in Nanjing qinhuai river, Hangzhou Yanling Road renhe road and other places to open branches;Each restaurant is cooked by a famous chef and serves aged yellow rice wine from Shaoxing.Gaochangxing Shao Hotel is one of the most famous Shao hotels.As “Shanghai non-staple Food Business annals” said, “Shaoxing wine is the main wine that citizens often drink in social activities and daily life.””In the 1930s and 1940s, people in Shanghai generally liked to use yellow rice wine at business celebrations and happy birthday banquets.”Because yellow rice wine is mild, its alcohol content is generally 11 to 18 degrees;Compared with 40 to 65 proof baijiu, most people accept it.Chen Wu-wo, a record of thirty years’ experience in Old Shanghai, wrote in the Historical Records series of the Republic of China: “After the restaurant talked about the tavern, Bao and Three yi old Dongming.All Taichang opened after opening with MAO, speech Maoyuan special sell shaoxing.Tongbaotai flower carving taste thick, open altar incense yi ten years old.Datong only brew pear white, Hengyu Jing Zhuang wins others.”The famous wine shops in Shanghai at that time were:Forever, the number of big sport, daqing, renhe, yuan forever remember, tianshun yuan, tianshun auspicious, wynn chateau, TongShengHe, dowa yong, dowa, chang and chang fu, and the letter chang, and the spring forever, and spring, synonymous with, fuyong, celebrate with yong, abundance, old evergreen, and celebrates the permanent, constant care, constant righteousness, Thai city yong, yi heng shun, Kang Chengzao winery issuance, kunlun wine co., LTD., the hengsheng zhuangXiangji, Huikang, Wanquantang Wine Company, Wanchun, Wan Taiyuan, Wan Yuanshun, Yu Dahe, Yu Sheng Yong, Yu He, Yu Longyong, Yu Xing Yong, Yu Feng Yong, Runkang, etc.The hotel has soil wine and shaoxing wine points, soil wine taste thin and dry, alcoholism despicable;Shaoxing wine is mellow.The most famous shao Hotel has Gao Changxing, Zhang Dongming Jun Ji, Zhang Dongming Zhenghao, With Baotai, Yan Maoyuan, Yu Fengtai, old yuan yuan, with Baohe, Fang Hu, Zhang Yutai, Wang Sanhe, Immediately Hou, Wang Yuhe, Zhang Tongmao, etc.Another Guide to Shanghai also wrote: Shanghai pubs are divided into local wine and Shaoxing wine, “the former is thin and dry, not for wine lovers, the latter is thick and mellow, a flower carved, the quality of the goods, there is a big difference” (Guo Xu.Research on the development of Wine industry in Modern China.Beijing: China Commercial Press, 2019.04).(4) 1928 immediately hou;Shanghai Shaoxing in the past to Wang Baohe, Zhang Dongming, good yuan Village three tripartite, but then maoyuan foot and compete with Bao Tai slightly inferior, Yanling open and at the end of the long, if three yi Feng Tai and for the next by yi, Maijia circle immediately hou hotel, people do not know its fate, after three roads separate north business quite prosperous;Some people say that if they hold a luminous cup of wine and want to drink the lute, they urge them immediately or refer to the “jar made for two” or the “jar made for two” meaning, but it is not clear whether the owner has luanhuan meaning, as shown in Figure 2.Figure 2 References [1] Shaoxing County Chorography Compilation Committee Shaoxing County Chorography (1-4 volumes) Zhonghua Book Company 1999.5.[2] Shaoxing City Chorography [1-6 volumes (index included)] Zhejiang People’s Publishing House 1996.[3] Website of Shaoxing People’s GovernmentShaoxing [4] of shaoxing committee committee of the Chinese literature and history data Shaoxing history data (the first album ~ 25) zhejiang people’s publishing house in 1985 ~ 2010. [5]Zhejiang Provincial Library, Shaoxing County Library (Shaoxing Keqiao District Library), Shaoxing City Library, Shaoxing City Archives, Zhejiang Provincial Archives, Ningbo Library, Shanghai Archives, Shanghai Library, Hangzhou Library, Hangzhou Archives and other information about Yan Maoyuan Shaoxing Wine.