Warriors vs. Nuggets, inside vs out!Golden State dominates the perimeter. Thompson’s defense is key?

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As the NBA regular season continues, the Golden State Warriors and the Nuggets, two western conference powerhouses, will meet each other. It should be a “Mars meets Earth” battle according to the pre-game status of both teams, because the two teams have completely different priorities, the Warriors rely on outside fire, the Nuggets rely on inside kill.So whether it’s the Nuggets’ inside penetration of the Warriors’ paint or the Warriors’ outside firepower blasting the Nuggets’ perimeter defense, it’s going to be interesting to watch.The Nuggets need jokic to explode, and Gordon and Patton are also important.The nuggets have a clear morale advantage based on the teams’ recent schedule — the Nuggets are in good form, 5-1 in their last six games.The Nuggets, who were expected to be near the playoffs this season without two Max stars in Murray and Porter, have mVP-caliber Jokic to support them, which keeps the team in a better position.Nikola Jokic is once again in the running for the LEAGUE’S MVP award. The super post player has posted at least 20 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists in seven straight games, tied for the most in league history, and is currently the league’s no. 1 center with complete dominance.But even with all the momentum and star power, the Nuggets won’t be able to take it easy. They’ll need all the energy they can get against the second-place Warriors in the Western Conference, and Stephen Curry’s scoring spurt is the only one in the league.As can be seen from the recent performance of the Warriors, their interior defense has serious holes, even this hole has been a large number of team targeted attack, once affected their record.The warriors lost to the Jazz, The Knicks and the Clippers, all because whiteside, Randle and Zubaz broke down the warriors’ paint defense.There’s no doubt jokic isn’t as good on offense and defense as the other three, and when jokic takes his chances, he could put up even more scary numbers.The Nuggets won’t just rely on their core stars, though. In addition to jokic’s ability to cut through the Warriors’ interior, the form of their key rotation players, Gordon and Patton, will be crucial.After Murray and Porter were injured, patton, who was not much of a player, was the second leading scorer for the Nuggets, averaging 15.4 points and 5 rebounds per game. His performance against the Warriors could also determine the game.Gordon, like Patton, has been a key player for the Nuggets, averaging 14.6 points and 5.7 rebounds per game, and he needs to be in good shape to defend curry, Thompson and others, otherwise jokic will not be able to play in the paint if he gets knocked out early.The key to the nuggets’ recent success is that the bench is finally starting to heat up, and if Hyland, Campaso and Rivers continue to play at their best, the Nuggets have a better chance of winning.The Warriors need Looney to handle the pressure, and Thompson is critical on offense and defense.The Warriors have a better record than the Nuggets, the second-best team in the Western Conference, but are struggling with morale and player mentality.After a nine-game winning streak, they have been volatile, losing their last four games to Utah, New York and the Clippers, only to beat the more volatile Lakers.So far, the Warriors have been known to be weak in the paint, and any team that goes up against the Warriors is going to attack their paint, and looney’s level is really hard to hold off from the big centers.In fact, if it weren’t for the Splash brothers, the Warriors would be on a four-game losing streak, thanks to a 16-point quarter by Klay Thompson in the lakers’ win.The Warriors, however, have been plagued by problems inside, such as curry hitting eight 3-pointers in a game against the Clippers, but Kerr’s rotation kept him cold and the team lost.There was no other way for the Warriors to win against the Nuggets, as the only way they could win in the paint was by blowing them up on the perimeter.Of course, Poole and Wiggins, and even Kuminga, have been consistent.Stephen Curry has been on fire lately, so klay Thompson’s quality on offense and defense could be the key to victory.In fact, if his 3-point production remains efficient, it’s not impossible for the Warriors to overwhelm the Nuggets with 3-pointers, even against jokic’s pointed attacks.So, overall, can the Nuggets rely on Barton and Gordon to limit the Warriors perimeter;Whether the Warriors can rely on luni to lead the defense, porter, kumminga to help hold down jokic, is the key to the game.The Warriors’ goal is to hold on to second place in the West and beat phoenix for first place in the West, while the Nuggets’ goal is to hold on to the top six and beat Utah for fourth, and every win is very important for them.We are waiting for the result of this “enter the Dragon”.