The “Daqing Power” of the Winter Olympics!They are four Daqing and a team

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Li Kai, Bao Dapeng and Li Kai (left), a technical officer of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, are fighting on the front line with a team contributing “daqing power” to the Winter Olympic Games.Li Kai, associate professor of the Physical Education Department of Northeast Petroleum University, was born in 1977. He is a national curling referee and also the coach of the curling team of Northeast Petroleum University.Li realized his dream by serving as curling’s Domestic technical officer (NTO) at this Olympics.Li kai majored in speed skating when he was at school. Later, he learned curling organized by the municipal Sports Bureau and fell in love with the sport.Li started his curling career in 2009 when he officiated at the 24th World University Winter Games for the first time in an international arena.Provincial Games, National Winter Games, Pan Pacific Curling Championships, Men’s Curling World Championships, International Curling Elite, Curling World Cup Finals, Wheelchair Curling World Championships…Position also from the statistics to the deputy chief judge, chief judge.All along, Li Kai has a dream, that is to officiate the Winter Olympics, that is the only gap in his resume.To realize this dream, he attended all the senior training courses available, including three training courses for domestic curling officials for the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics since 2018.Bao Dapeng and Zhang Jiaming, teachers from the Sports Teaching and Research Department of Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University, were selected and trained by the General Administration of Sport of China and the Organizing Committee of the Winter Olympic Games to be the domestic technical officials of the freestyle snowboarding and alpine skiing events of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.Bao Dapeng and Zhang Jiaming said, “It is a great honor for us to participate in the Beijing Winter Olympic Games as domestic technical officials. Guided by the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech, we will strengthen our confidence, inspire our spirit and make unremitting efforts to fully implement the requirements of simple, safe and wonderful hosting of the Games with the most enthusiasm.Adhering to the principle of fairness, justice and openness to contribute to the smooth convening of the Winter Olympics, but also hope that Chinese athletes can fight hard and achieve excellent results.”It is reported that Bao Dapeng and Zhang Jiaming have been engaged in the research and teaching of skiing events. They are the international judges of skiing events.He has served as a referee in important events such as the 2015 IAF Snowboard World Youth Championship, 2015-2018 IAF Out-of-season China Tour, 2016 13th Winter Games of the People’s Republic of China, 2017-2018 Freestyle skiing and Snowboard Halfpipe World Cup, etc.We have won the high praise of the organizing committee for many times with our profound judgment and excellent service.Liu Fangfang, secretary of party Branch of Daqing Ice Skating Museum, is honored to serve liu Fangfang for the Winter Olympics.Liu Fangfang, born in 1981, was transferred from the Military sports Brigade of Shenyang Military Region to the Municipal Sports Bureau in 2004. She is now the secretary of the Party Branch of the Municipal skating Museum.Last August, I was appointed as a project expert of competition Office of BoCOG for a short period of time.With first-class hardware facilities, Daqing Ice Rink takes the lead in realizing four seasons operation in China and has held a series of influential domestic professional ice competitions in recent years.During the holding of these events, Liu Fangfang actively participated in the operation and service work, and successfully completed the first Summer training camp of The Chinese Speed Skating Association, the second Youth Games of the People’s Republic of China speed skating and speed roller skating, curling and other events.Ensure the public fitness center skating open, receive speed skating enthusiasts more than 100,000 person-times;Organized more than 100 skating events;Undertook more than 20 national and provincial professional competitions;Undertake more than 40 professional team training.During these activities, Liu fangfang was highly recognized by the Chinese Speed Skating Association and participated in the work of the judging committee for many times.Liu fangfang has been working at the National Speed Skating Hall since August last year and will work until the end of the Paralympic Winter Games in Beijing.Three helicopters and more than 40 officers and fighters from the Daqing Aviation Rescue Detachment, carrying more than 900 pieces of equipment, arrived in Zhangjiakou, Hebei province, last November to carry out security tasks for the Winter Olympic Games.According to reports, the Daqing Aviation Rescue Detachment innovatively created a new emergency rescue mode of “helicopter + medical team members”, that is, a helicopter is converted into a medical shelter, which can escort two seriously injured and nine lightly injured patients at the same time.At the same time, the detachment also realized the first landing flight of the 13-ton helicopter on the roof platform of a medical institution in China, filling the gap in the safe transport of the injured in emergency rescue.During the garrison period, the Chinese team participated in fire and security drills, forest fire-fighting and rescue drills and emergency rescue drills for the Winter Olympic Games. It flew 211 hours and 43 minutes and flew 168 sorties. It also participated in security exercises for The Winter Olympic Games, modular flights for mountain rescue and urban aviation and medical rescue.Completed the complex valley low speed flight and mountain landing rescue flight.