Press release | province’s first industry chain chain length system!Dezhou focuses on seven advanced manufacturing industries to build up the “backbone” of advanced manufacturing industry

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In 2020, the city proposed to build the “541” industrial system (five strategic emerging industries, four traditional advantage industries, new infrastructure industry), divided into 33 industrial chains, the first industrial chain length system in the province.In 2021, the municipal party committee 15 ten times “how to construct the ‘541’ industrial system, optimizing the market industry, realize” three years to double, priority to grasp biological medicine, food processing, high-end equipment three big advantage industry, new materials, new energy, electronic information three strategic leading industry, modern logistics, exhibition economy three emerging service industry, medical health.”In 2022, the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government proposed to strengthen the city with advanced manufacturing, and actively build China into a famous food city, famous sports city with characteristics, and modern logistics hub city.Centering on the advanced manufacturing industry and strengthening the city, according to the actual industrial development of The city, the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology has further refined and sorted out the industry and industrial chain.First, we will strive to build four first-class industrial clusters.Including electronic information and new materials, high-end chemical and composite materials, high-end equipment, food processing.We will focus on expanding the industrial stock, make breakthroughs in key areas and double the capacity. We will strive to build an industrial cluster of 100 billion yuan and lead the development of The manufacturing industry in Texas.Second, we will improve three industries with distinctive advantages.Including biological medicine, sports equipment, characteristic light industry textile.Relying on the existing advantages and foundation, it has cultivated a number of landmark industries such as “Jingdeji” medical corridor and world-class sports equipment manufacturing base.Third, we will promote the development of emerging service industries.Including modern logistics, exhibition economy, medical care and health.We will make great efforts to develop producer services into a new pillar industry, form an important support for the channel economy, and basically establish an optimal industrial and supply chain system.Fourth, we will precisely comb key industrial chains.According to the characteristics of industrial development and the supporting role of upstream and downstream of chain main enterprises, 16 key industrial chains were precisely sorted out.It includes 13 manufacturing industry chains: integrated circuits, software and information technology services (big data), inorganic non-metals and characteristic metal materials;Polymer and composite materials, fine chemicals;Environmental protection equipment, vehicles (new energy vehicles), high-end intelligent equipment, new energy equipment;Food processing;Medicine and medical devices;Sports equipment;Characteristic light industry textile.Three service industry chains: modern logistics, exhibition economy, medical care and health.At present, the development status of four backbone industrial clusters and three characteristic industries in our city is as follows:If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: