Guangming commentator: The women’s football team won the gold medal, which is an opportunity to speed up the solution of the chronic illness of Chinese football

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China wins Asian Women’s Football Cup 16 years after 3-2 win over South KoreaYesterday (February 6) evening, a stirring game made many people excited!Xiao Yuyi scored an injury-time winner to beat South Korea 3-2 in a textbook women’s Asian Cup final after China fought back from 2-0 down in the second half.After the match, the pictures of the women’s football girls struggling indomitable on the field were widely viewed in wechat moments.In fact, many audience didn’t know much about Chinese women’s football before the game, but the game let us see their competitive strength and tenacious spirit, also let us know that willo respectable lovely women’s girl – the shot in the second half scored the Tang Jiali, head-butts equaliser Zhang Linyan, substitute by captain vian assists into the dead ball XiaoYuYi…On the football field, they do not mind their physical strength, fearless to win the state, let the audience see the Chinese women’s football sonorous rose spirit inheritance.From the victory over Japan in the semifinals to the victory over South Korea in the final, there was a key figure in China’s women’s football at the Asian Cup — Shui Qingxia, the current head coach of the national team.In last night’s match, she encouraged the players not to be discouraged, put down the burden and go for it at the end of the half. At the same time, she adjusted the players on the court at the moment. Zhang Linyan, who equalized the score, and Xiao Yuyi, who scored the final goal, were both replaced by her after falling behind by a large margin.Ingenious, lift will be successful, straight let the commentator praise coach Shui Qingxia “use military like god”.Indeed, in the live footage of the match, Coach Shui Qingxia was serious and focused at the beginning of the match, calmly adjusted when the score was down, calm and rational after the goal, and lifted her arms and cheered when she made a comeback. All these images were impressive.In particular, her face full of wind and frost may not be directly related to the Chinese women’s football team winning the championship, but at least it reflects her career as a player and coach, and reflects the daily beauty of women’s football team in the sun and the sun.Competitive sports don’t believe in myths, but only with sweat and blood can legends be written.In fact, it has been less than three months since Shui Qingxia took over as the head coach of The Chinese women’s national football Team. In recent years, the women’s national football Team has had a difficult time, facing as many institutional problems as, if not more than, the men’s national football Team, and receiving less resources and attention than the men’s national football Team.In the semi-final, all the data of Chinese women’s football team versus Japanese women’s football team were not superior, which reflected the difference in technical and tactical level to some extent. However, Coach Shui Qingxia was good at mobilizing the enthusiasm of every player, exploiting the strengths and avoiding the weaknesses, coping with the adverse situation with calm and calm command, showing the professionalism of an excellent head coach.No hope, only spell out the future.The Chinese women’s football team won the Asian Cup, which made all Chinese people feel a strong sense of national pride.Some companies have announced that they will give a total of 23 million RMB to the Chinese women’s football team and the coaching team of Shui Qingxia, which is a reward for the outstanding achievements of the Chinese women’s football team and, to some extent, a remedy for the long-term lack of investment in the women’s football team.Of course, winning the Asian Cup is only a new starting point, women’s football team to continue to climb towards a new peak, we need to have a clear understanding of their own and higher requirements.Glory belongs only to the past, find the gap, make up the deficiency, from victory to the new greater victory.For Chinese football, we should take advantage of the good momentum of the women’s football team to speed up the development of Chinese football system and mechanism.Let professionals do professional work, respect professional rules, let those who do professional work know how to perform their duties, improve sports infrastructure, expand football youth training teams, open up career development paths, change the long-term lack of investment in women’s football, and so on, which have long been agreed on, should be put on the agenda as soon as possible.(reproduced please indicate the source of “guangming network”, the author “Guangming network commentator”) and stir the snow and ice, to a passionate dialogue!Source: Guangming network