Update on the Porsche 718 pure electric successor, which is expected to go into production in 2023

2022-07-15 0 By

Recently, we have received information from relevant sources about the 718 pure electric, which will probably go into production in 2023 and will be based on the PEE architecture jointly developed with Audi.The 718 will continue to be available in both Boxster and Cayman models.At the 2021 Munich Motor Show, Porsche unveiled a MissionR all-electric sports car, and many people said at the time that they saw a glimpse of the next generation Porsche 718 all-electric.In contrast, the 718 Boster will continue to be an electric convertible with a soft top, perhaps borrowed from the Taycan.The Cayman will likely feature more elements of the Mission R pure electric sports car, and the overall styling will be more exaggerated.Many people were worried that the 718 would be too heavy, but porsche insiders said that the 718 would be lightweight and that porsche would achieve this goal through a new sports car platform, so there was nothing to worry about.Power has not been revealed, but it is certain that the 718’s battery life will not be as promising as new Force’s, but 400km is guaranteed.