The Beijing Winter Paralympic Games will continue until March 20

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China News Network Beijing, February 25(Xu Jing)24 afternoon, Tian ‘anmen Square “wonderful Winter Olympics” theme flower beds, China knot north and south of the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games emblem has been replaced;Construction workers are replacing the emblem of the Beijing Winter Olympics with the emblem of the Winter Paralympics in the center of the “Ice and Snow Pageant”, a winter Olympics spectacle in the Central area of Beijing Olympic Games.It is reported that the city landscape of The Beijing Winter Olympic Games will be transformed into the city landscape of the Winter Paralympic Games, including landscape sketches, theme flower beds, publicity flags, etc., by The 28th, the landscape will be completed until March 20.Workers transform the “ice and snow Festival” at the Central area of Beijing Olympic Games on Thursday.According to the work plan for urban landscape layout during the 2022 Beijing Paralympic Winter Games, the Beijing Winter Olympics will be held from February 21 to 28, according to the office of The City operation and environmental protection Group of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.The city has carried out the urban landscape layout transformation from the Winter Olympics to the Winter Paralympics in an orderly manner to ensure that “the two Olympics are equally wonderful”.Beijing Olympic city operation and environmental protection, according to the relevant person in charge of group in the winter Olympics and the winter paralympic games at the beginning of the urban landscape planning and design, consider to the winter Olympics and the winter paralympics landscape transformation requirements, make full use of existing facilities and landscape level, reduce conversion with double emblem design, to achieve simple and do not break.During the conversion period, the emblem and mascot of the Separate Olympic Winter Games shall be converted into the emblem and mascot of the Paralympic Winter Games (if they appear together, there is no need to change);The winter Olympic emblems, mascots and organic coverings in the theme flower beds will be replaced with winter Paralympic emblems, mascots and early spring flowers;The flag will be replaced with the blue flag for the Winter Paralympics.On July 24, a blue flag was replaced on a side road of the north fourth Ring Road in Beijing.According to the introduction, the city needs to change 3 landscape sketches, 9 theme flower beds, 18 thousand propaganda flags, 60 propaganda pictures, theme flower beds organic coverings replaced by 138,000 flowers in early spring.Among them, the Olympic Central area, the South side of the Linglong Tower of the Olympic Park Landscape Avenue, the intersection of Beichen West Road and Fan Yazaki Road and other three landscape pieces, need to change the emblem and mascot of the Winter Paralympic Games;Changan Avenue and 9 flower beds along it (including Tian ‘anmen Area), airport Expressway and Olympic Central area will be replaced with winter Paralympic Games emblem, mascot and early spring flowers.The propaganda flag will be replaced with the blue flag used for the Winter Paralympics;The banner at the gate head of the west gate entrance of the National Stadium has been transformed into the emblem of the International Paralympic Committee;A total of 60 propaganda pictures of bus kiosks and fences were replaced with propaganda pictures of winter Paralympics.In addition, the winter Olympics logo, emblem and mascot in 28 light shows in Beijing have been replaced with the Winter Paralympics logo, emblem and mascot.The Olympic Tower’s light show will feature the paralympic Winter Games emblem, mascot and snowflakes, said Yang Weiyi, director of the landscape management department of Beijing’s Chaoyang District Urban Management Commission.The winter Paralympics light show will continue from 4 March to 13 March from 18:00 to 24:00 every night.A hardy flower named Corydalis cultivated in the nursery of Beijing Greenland Conservation and Management Center.According to reports, 24 at 5 o ‘clock in the morning, Tian ‘anmen Square “wonderful Winter Olympics” theme flower bed China knot north and south completed the winter Paralympics emblem replacement;The work of replacing the emblem of paralympic Winter Games was completed in The Siyuanqiao ‘Charm Winter Olympics’ theme flower bed and Yanqing Plain Square.At fulu Road, the north fourth ring Road near the Olympic Central area, workers at the City Lighting Management Center of State Grid Beijing Electric Power Company are replacing red flags on lampposts with blue ones.According to Wen Daji, the safety director of the city Lighting Management Center, 8,488 flags on 11 roads including Busuk-ro and North Fourth Ring Road will be replaced for three days from midnight on July 24 to 26.He mentioned that in response to Beijing’s windy winter weather, the manufacturing process and installation method of propaganda flags have been optimized, the fabric has been thickened and fixed with 4+2(four fixed rods and two fixed holes).”The wind resistance and firmness of the optimized flag have been greatly enhanced, basically preventing wind and rain and snow.After inspection, there was no damage in the case of force 5 winds, “Wen said.Workers water corydalis in the nursery of Beijing Greenland Conservation and Management Center.Xu Jing shot cold-resistant flowers will be applied in Tian ‘anmen Square in February, Beijing is still full of spring, Tian ‘anmen Square and other places of the winter Paralympic landscape application of early spring flowers how gorgeous bloom in the sub-zero temperature?At the Beijing Green Space Conservation and Management Center in Changping district, Sun Kai, director of the Flower production project of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Landscaping, said the flowers used in these landscapes are “one in a hundred” hardy flowers.It is the first time that landscape flowers have been used in Beijing in early spring.Sun kai said that after the cold test, the project team selected 30 cold – tolerant varieties such as corydalis and Phyllostachys florioides from 500 mature varieties.About 80,000 of them will be planted at the bottom of the “Wonderful Winter Olympics” flower beds in Tian ‘anmen Square, replacing the organic mulch used during the Games.Sun said the flowers could bloom for two to three weeks at current temperatures in Beijing.In case of snow or low temperature, the flowers will be covered at night to keep warm.In the event of extreme weather, the project team has also prepared “spare flowers” to ensure the perfect presentation of the Paralympic Winter Scenery.It is reported that the Winter Olympic Games urban operation and environmental protection group increased the operation and maintenance of urban landscape layout, the city set up 58 standby points, organized more than 700 security personnel, more than 200 patrol vehicles and 42 landscape lighting professional security group, the implementation of 24-hour patrol management and protection, always keep the landscape layout standard, clean, beautiful.Source: CCTV news client