The 16th CPC Weihai Municipal Committee held the first plenary meeting to elect a new municipal leadership

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The communist party of China (weihai the sixteenth committee held the first plenary meeting Elected the new party leadership All the elected a new session of the standing committee of municipal party committee committee member 11 people Hai-bo zhang served as party secretary 闫剑波 Kong Fan ping, vice secretary of municipal party committee Hai-bo zhang presided over the meeting and delivered a speech the 16th in weihai city committee of the communist party of China, the plenary meeting for the first time,It will be held in weihai International Conference Center on the afternoon of February 19th.Attended the meeting with 48 municipal committee members, 9 alternate members of the Municipal Committee;Newly elected city discipline inspection committee members attended the meeting.Comrade Zhang Haibo presided over the meeting.The plenum elected members, secretaries and deputy secretaries of the 16th CPC Weihai Committee Standing Committee.The list is as follows: Members of the standing Committee of the 16th CPC Weihai Committee: Zhang Haibo, Yan Jianbo, Kong Fanping, Liu Shengqin, Yao Yuhui, Yang Xudong, Xu Jie, Li Jian, Lin Qiang, Yu Ning, Zhang Hongpu.Secretary of weihai Municipal Committee of CPC: Zhang Haibo.Deputy Secretaries of weihai Municipal Committee of CPC: Yan Jianbo, Kong Fanping.The plenum approved the results of the first plenary session of the 16th CPC Weihai Commission for Discipline Inspection.The list is as follows: Members of the standing Committee of the 16th CPC Weihai Commission for Discipline Inspection: Yang Xudong, Li Cunjie, Yin Yucui, Sun Hongyi, Tao Quan, Liang Zhijie, Dai Zongjin, Li Jianliang, Yang Mingfeng;Secretary: Yang Xudong;Deputy Secretaries: Li Cunjie, Yin Yucui, Sun Hongyi.The plenum adopted the decision of the CPC Weihai Municipal Committee on Strengthening self-construction.The plenum pointed out that the new party committee will fulfill its duties at the critical juncture of starting the new journey of the second centenary goal, with great responsibility and glorious mission.Want to cherish the organization’s great trust and hope, cherish all team accumulated valuable experience and spiritual wealth, cherishing director-general viable opportunity and stage, cherishing the city people’s trust and expectation, pick up the baton, run good relay, the acceleration, the successful completion of a good party to determine the objectives of the task,To deliver an excellent answer worthy of the Party, the people and The Times.Zhang Haibo on behalf of the sixteenth municipal Party committee to the masses of party members and cadres made six solemn statement and solemn commitment: one is in the maintenance of the core, the party loyalty to take a good lead as an example, so that the political stand up to a strong guarantee of the new municipal committee.Second, in courageously strive for the first, overcome difficulties to lead a good example, let the responsibility as the distinctive characteristics of the new municipal committee.Third, in the practice of the purpose, the heart of the masses to lead a good example, let the people to seek happiness for the new session of the eternal heart of the municipal Committee.Fourth, in solidarity and cooperation, with a good head to set an example, so that harmonious work as a powerful magic weapon for the new session of the Municipal committee.Five is in the earnest work, hard work to take a good head to set an example, so that the secretary entrepreneurship become the main melody of the new session of the main keynote.Six is in strict discipline, honesty, take a good lead as an example, so that discipline rules become the bottom line of the new municipal party committee red line.Zhang pointed out that we should carry forward the great spirit of the Founding of the Party, keep in mind that our first identity is a Communist party member, and our first duty is to work for the Party. We should firmly defend the “two establishment” and “two maintenance”.We must take a higher position and enhance our political judgment. We must take a clear-cut view of what is right and what is wrong, be fearless in the face of storms and waves, be steadfast in implementing our decisions and plans, and always maintain a high degree of unity with the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core ideologically, politically and in our actions.We need to study, think, practice, and improve our political understanding, deeply grasp the essence and core significance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, deeply appreciate the strength of truth, practice, and personality contained in it, and strengthen our political firmness with theoretical sobriety.To unity of the political executive force, unswervingly implement the general secretary xi important instructions requirements, the “weihai want to develop in the direction of fine city” as the general goal of the general direction of the general follow, always keep in mind the “head” of countries, to ensure the order, order, ensure the development line zhiyuan, never drift, take concrete actions to abide by the party of beginner’s mind, be loyal.Zhang haibo stressed, to anchor the new era of socialist modernization of the strong province to be the vanguard of the target positioning unwavering, open up the courage to think, move to fight, arms to do, break a new world, do a great cause.To emancipate the mind to open up a new realm, complete, accurate and comprehensive implementation of the new concept of development, out of Weihai weihai, understanding the spirit of superiors, master the actual situation, learning the experience of other places to do a good job in combination with the article, promote the concept of great improvement, great implementation of work, great leap forward development.We should work hard and make new achievements, coordinate development and safety, key and overall situation, current and long-term, speed up breakthroughs around the “ten innovations”, promote the implementation of the key tasks of the “five Modernizations”, focus on the “ten Striving for the first” and forge ahead to create more Weihai experience, Weihai name card and Weihai brand.We should be more exciting than learning to catch up and run, vigorously carry forward the fine tradition of “being the first to fight and carrying the red flag whenever we see it”, and dare to compete with the larger scale, the stronger level and the faster speed, so as to create a vivid situation of learning to catch up and striving for progress.Zhang haibo pointed out that the people’s safety and well-being should always be in the heart, the happiness of the people should always be in the heart, always stand together with the people, want to work together, and exchange the “hard index” of cadres for the “happiness index” of the people.We must maintain close ties with the people, fully implement the Party’s mass line, listen to their voices sincerely, truly reflect their wishes, and show genuine concern for their sufferings, so that the people will always feel the warmth of the Party.To benefit the masses, “small incision” improve “the people’s livelihood”, solved the “distress sorrow to” issue, promote common prosperity, do big “cake” and good points “cake”, attach importance to both “pocket” and attaches great importance to the “head”, promote “average” and concerned about “a few”, let the masses see hope in a Shared development achievements and benefit.We should closely rely on the masses, seek advice from the masses for planning ideas, listen to the masses for improving work, rely on the masses to support the implementation of tasks, and judge the effectiveness of measurement by the masses, so as to make weihai’s various work obtain the broadest, most reliable and most solid mass foundation and source of strength.Zhang haibo stressed that promoting unity should be regarded as a responsibility, a vision and a quality, so as to achieve the same thinking, goal, action and responsibility.We should maintain unity with the common cause, attach great importance to the cause of the Party and the people and the overall situation of Weihai’s development at all times, and form a good situation of undertaking with one heart, grasping work with one chess board and promoting development with one effort.It is necessary to ensure unity with a sound system, strictly implement democratic centralism, improve and perfect the decision-making mechanism of the Municipal Committee, and ensure that decisions are made after discussions, actions are made and actions are effective.With strong party spirit build unity, speaks great principle, small style, mutual trust, mutual support, repair Taiwan, give full play to the leadership of party committees, co-ordinate commanding the whole situation, support the NPC Standing Committee, the government and Chinese people’s political consultative conference (CPPCC), perform their duties and work, closely with various democratic parties, federations of cooperation and independents,Maximize mobilize all positive factors to create a strong atmosphere of unity, harmony and stability.Zhang Haibo pointed out that we should vigorously advocate the “strict, fine, practical and fast” style of work, not hesitate, not tossing, not slack off, hammer after hammer, one after another to work, a blueprint to the end.To take the lead by example, both when the “commander”, and when the “combatant”, consciously achieve personal practice to take the lead, above the rate of leading dry, demonstration leading dry.We must proceed from reality in everything we do, use facts to speak for ourselves in everything we do, and allow actual results to be tested in everything we do. We must refrain from formalism and bureaucratism. We must do one thing at a time and turn small victories into big ones.We must seize the day and speed up our work. We must do everything as soon as possible and as soon as possible. We must not miss the right opportunity, delay the opportunity while maintaining stability, or delay making mistakes while watching and waiting.Zhang urged people to keep in mind that power should be given to the public rather than the private, adhere to the law and exercise power in accordance with regulations, and truly use power to promote development, improve people’s livelihood and promote harmony.We must always shoulder our responsibility for managing the Party, firmly embrace the idea that “party building is the greatest political achievement we can make.” We must fully implement the general requirements for Party building in the new era, integrate party building with our professional work, plan for it, advance it, and implement it in a unified way, and strictly and faithfully strengthen the leadership, lead the team, and strengthen the foundation.We must always give top priority to discipline and rules, strictly implement the Eight-point Decision on implementing the CPC Central Committee and the detailed rules for its implementation, and make unremitting efforts to correct the “four good practices”, “four bad practices”, and foster new ones. We must ensure that we dare not, cannot, and do not want to be corrupt. We must conduct ourselves cleanly and act honestly as officials.We should always engrave self-policing, self-respect and self-discipline in our hearts. We should cultivate morality, maintain family integrity and conduct politics incorruptly. We should serve the people with integrity and be spotless, and protect the “clear waters and green mountains” of political ecology.The plenum called on to unite more closely around the party central committee with comrade xi as the core, insist on socialism with Chinese characteristics in jinping new era as a guide, led the party members and cadres in the city crowd together, cheer up, vigor, as to common prosperity area, constantly create a “delicate city weihai, happiness” construction of the new situation,Strive to be the pacesetter in the construction of strong provinces of socialist modernization in the new era.–END– Editor: Xiao Source: Weihai Daily Promotion Cooperation: 0631-5191412