Why affectionate total for chi, spoony but pay east water

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There is no trouble in the world, much ado about nothing.Use here is not too much, all things in the world can not escape people’s inner thoughts, difficult is how to look at it!Although the fate day is doomed, the thousand years of constant waiting in this life encounter encounter, that why it is less than two feelings yue.Always hear the feeling of the late night, lost in a quiet daze, only the hand has been taking the smoke occasionally dropped its relief!Since ancient times, deep feeling can not stay, tears thousands of lines.Maybe you no matter how hard arrived but a good get together.Do not blame the fate of broken promises and superficial feelings, in fact this is a farce staged by your own director, spoony wrong pay is you, opinionated is also you, you want to be whimsical, but finally became fantastical!Don’t blame infatuation wrong pay, you this is wishful thinking.Do not sigh with deep edge shallow edge, you have no previous marriage, this is just a wrong time to meet the wrong person, each other’s life can not be met, a seemingly beautiful but wrong beauty!Letting go of this false start is what keeps you going.Don’t lose the real beauty because of a so-called beauty, and don’t let a wrong beginning become your beautiful end!